Ok, so I screwed up

While looking for Xbox 360 madcatz mlg fight sticks this saturday I though I had found the holy grail in a box-damaged-but-new stick for a cool 100$. Sweeeet.

Fast forward to now and watch the dissapointment spill all over my face as I see the Ps3 logo on the box post-tear open.

I read on the noob guide that converters from ps3 to xbox are not advised, but I’ve also heard of some mod chips that can be installed on the matcatz tournament sticks. Does anyone have some experience in the ps3 to xbox 360 converting process? Should I just save the trouble and return it? Just looking for some advice from anyone who’s converted a stick like this from ps3 to xbox360…

Thanks a bunch.

Hit one of us modders up… theres info on the stickie that will help you find one close (hopefully) to you… or you can ship it to whom you want for a dual mod… easy fix…

I had the same issue last year. I put a WWE Xbox PCB in it. If I knew then what I know now I would just put a Paewang PCB in it instead.

Ok, I just pluged this into my pc and played through some classic sf2turbo and that helped ease the pain, this stick is pretty killer. And it’s good to know there are options, thanks…
So whats the difference between a Paewang PCB and the Toodles ChimpSMD?

paewang pcb has coding for both ps3 and xbox 360. basically, you can take out the old madcatz ps3 pcb and replace it with this one. however, you’ll need a dedicated turbo button.

toodles chimpsmd only works when you want to mod an xbox 360 stick to work with ps3. its basically a ps3 pcb.

Is the paewang pcb the only option for getting a ps3 type to work with xbox,pc or are there other options (imp + other xbox board)?

the only other way is to find a common ground xbox pcb board.

the best sources are madcatz wired controller, xbox madcatz arcade stick (you’re taking their pcb) and i think horis ex 2 fight stick.

don’t quote me on the last one.

I quote you.
Quote to tell you the HORI Fighting Stick EX2 is non-Common Ground.

i see. good lookin out.

its the hori VX series that have the common ground pcbs

So do the T6 wireless and SC5.

But yeah… just use a 360 Fightpad/Brawlpad/Strekken pad pcb. It’s by far the cheapest, simplest, and most stable solution at the moment.

What would be the difference between using a 360 fightpad/brawlpad vs going with the paewang? (Also for the first option I’d need an imp to go dual mod right?)


Paewang ur already dual madded. Fight pad is less clean if you ask me.

Yeah I’m leaning toward paewang…

The kicker is I really don’t need ps3 support, just xbox and pc. Eager have a fully functioning stick xbox stick but oh well.

Then there’s no reason not to hack your own cheap 360 Fightpad/Brawlpad.

Or use a faulty PS360 board that’s locked in Xbox mode.

WHAT?!? lies…


You could simply have two USB cables running out the back of the stick, one connected to each motherboard.

Or you can use any DPDT switch to send the signal down a shared USB cable. But an IMP board is much more elegant…

Just an opinion. I’ve done both. My Paewang came out much cleaner. Don’t get snippy now.

BAH! LIES! :wink:

Super wiring makes everything neat