Ok so I suck vs Claw and I need tips

Okay well I’m just really starting to get into OG ST again (in prep for HD Remix), and I can really get each of the characters and at least win vs them, but I have never ever beat Claw. Ever. One of my friends plays him, and he is like completely new, and I have yet to beat him. I can win like a round very very very very rarely, but never a match.

I use Ryu, Dictator, and Ken, and I just can’t really do reversals or anything too well yet, and his damn wall mixups are so crazy I just can’t figure out which way to block him fast enough or if he’s going to grab me or anything. I can’t figure this guy out. There are matches where he’ll just keep wall diving and clawing me and I just lose cause I can’t figure out how to beat this shit.

Help me out please. :frowning: I checked the Wiki and didn’t see much of the way of info of beating him. What tools can I use to beat this guy, he pisses me off.

Well i would say if he’s a wall spammer your best bet with Dictator is to one Tropedo as he hits the wall two s/fp always does the trick two jump light punch or kick since vega has a motion grab then tick throwing him is all good even if it is just a friendly game. keep on him as best you can if he spams walls’ then more then likely he does not use the flip kick because first thing on his mind is wall

Does crouching fierce beat walldive?

With dic, all I can really think of suggesting is to guard the wall behind you (don’t let him go off that wall) because there’s nothing you can do against that. J. strong is a good anti-air, of course, And generic advice of “try not to get knocked down” though this is just about always the case for dic.

As for Ryu and Ken, an anti-crossup trick I read was to input jab dragon punch, but also press short. If they don’t cross you up, you’ll get the shoryuken. If they do cross you up, you should get a short hurricane kick and move yourself out of the way.
Also if you’re playing a shoto, watch out for claw’s s. mk, it stuffs a lot of your options.

Just been playing on GGPO against a very pesky Vega, wall dives abuse, fakes the lot. Shoto crouching fierce does very well even if Vega tries he get you as a cross over, the hit boxes are pretty decent.

… I’ma go check that out right now and see if it works.

I’d stick to the Shotos for the time being. Dictator is technically the better match-up, but a well-placed cross-up / Shoryuken combo can end a match against Claw. The slimness of Claw’s sprite seems to work against him on cross-ups, so for Claws players who like to turtle, cross-ups are death (for me, anyways). DON’T shoryuken except in combos. SRK-crazy Shotos are like Christmas for a good Vega, because every shoryuken has a vulnerability frame at the end that you can use to ruin their day with a roll combo, a slide, or even a sky-high claw.

Be very careful about throwing fireballs, because the recovery time sometimes makes you prone to wall-dives and izuna drops. You can use this to your advantage, though, by throwing a fireball to lure them into wall-diving and then uppercutting or dragon punching them. The best defense against the wall-dive is a standing uppercut, I find, but if you think you’re good enough, you can go for a LP shoryuken.

That’s all I can think of. Speaking against my own interests, I hope it helps :slight_smile:

If you wanna counter character a Vega whose strat is just go for wall dive, you can always pick Blanka and turn it into a staring match. His up ball shuts those shananigans down. I believe Choi mentioned something about N.Ken or O.Ken having a better chance of wake up dp’ing the wall dive as well (I don’t remember which…but one of them has the edge over the other). For Dictator, Pshyco Crusher out as was mentioned before, you can sometimes super out of the loop as well and if they are sloppy, you can jump mp it under the right conditions (you can jump mp it most of the time when they do it normally, not as a wake up).

I don’t remember who else has a nice easy out for that stupid ass wake up. Guile Flash Kick? I dunno. Fuck that wake up. Can’t wait for them to take the knock down properties out of that move.

The very best person is honda for vega does alot of chip damage plus his anti air beats the dive and his head butt even thou he sometime grabs you out of it but, that rare and far between even if you miss your mostly safe

Actually the Honda V. Claw match-up is fairly even (maybe slightly Honda). It comes down to whoever gets a lead in life first because Claw can turtle against Honda about as well as Honda can against him. His Headbutt won’t help because after a knockdown Claw will just do the wall dive off the wall behind Honda and screw up the charge (it’s possible to get around this but hard to do). His Sumo Smash will generally go in the other direction and wiff, leading to a free Cr.Roundhouse slide for Claw.

Not to mention good Vegas usually are jumping back with HP, which beats the headbutt clean.

If he wall dives after a knock down, you should already have the anti-air charge as your doing the head butt so if they do wall dive you’ll have a counter, if you google Mike altamara honda (I think thats how you spell his last name) you see what i mean

Huh? Link? The point is that it’s difficult to pull off a headbutt after Honda gets knocked down.

Especially if Vega crosses up with a wall dive, since Honda lost his priority on his lower half during a headbutt from Hyper Fighting. The only way out is to ether block correctly or do a sumo splash, which still has a possibility of getting hit out of. Not a good situation!

As far as i have always seen honda jab headbutt beats vega for a wake up almost every time if you do the jab one as long as his legs are on the floor he has minimum Invincibility. try it you’ll see it works if you get the timing down right you’ll win clean if not ti should be a double hit.

Remember even if vega cross over as long as your legs are on the ground when starting the headbutt the game auto corrects for you.

And, if your having trouble pulling of the headbutt when you wake up try using the piano drumming to do it. It works better

I use Honda as a main in both HF and ST. He definitely lost full invincibility on the back of his jab headbutt in ST.

I think he did to but, after hitting a vega player with it once ot twice they will think twice about trying to wall dive when your getting up.

He has full incinvibility on the jab headbutt according to the Yoga book, I want to say it lists about 11 frames. I’ll have to borrow it from my buddy (or just buy myself one)

He does on the front (head to mid-body), but not in his back. It took me a sec to realize it when I started playing ST seriously about a year ago as to why I kept getting crossed up after doing a successful jab headbutt. O.Honda has the same vulnerability.

He has full invincibility on all headbutts, the difference to the jab headbutt is that it hits before the invincibility ends.
Top frames are for jab, bottom for fierce.
Grey = non hitting frames
Red = hitting frames
Blue = fully invincible

As you can see, he is invincible for 11 frames, but hits on the 9th frame, does, it timed correctly it will beat any normal.