Ok...so was X-factor really re balanced or what?


Because these interviews mixed with the feedback from players who have touched Ultimate really arent adding up. And I dont want it to be the “ragequit hell” thing all over again in that it just turned out to be some ridiculous lie.

Ive heard or at least heard people say that the “rebalancing” of X-factor was

-Instead of each character having a specific speed/damage/defense boost everyone would be “normalized” ie: everyone in lvl 1 XFC has a 40% speed boost 30% damage boost…etc etc


Because Floe said lvl 3 XFC Wesker felt the same

Now in a recent interview on the front page Nitsuma claims one of the outcries from the community on the tweaking of X-Factor was and goes on to say and I quote:** “when you only have one character left and you active X-factor its a lot more effective…”**

WHAT? No wait…WHAT?

Are they listening to Capcom Unity? Because I dont recall even the scrubbiest of scrubs here on SRK claiming that lvl 3 wasnt effective enough.

I just need clarity. Was anything REALLY done about the speed and damage discrepancies of x-factor? What exactly was rebalanced without all the talking in circles?


As far as I know, lvl 1 XFC and lvl 2 XFC has definitely been toned down greatly, they are trying to discourage people from using them over lvl 3 X Factor which remains very strong but now lasts shorter. X Factor is here to stay so don’t expect it to become so weak as to not be a comeback mechanism.


I am pretty sure that was just awkward translation. I think what he was actually saying was that he understood that lvl3 XF was too effective, so that was changed. He doesn’t say how, just that it was.


It could mean that XF with 1 character left is stronger than XF with 2 or 3. He was talking to the gaming press so I take everything they say as if they are talking to people who never played MvC3.

Someone really needs to just ask if XF and XF3 is weaker in UMvC3 than MvC3 and if so, how much.


Maybe x-factor Wesker is the same, and everyone else has had their percentages tuned to him. Better than everyone getting an X-factor lvl 3 Sentinel boost!


Everybody has the same damage/speed boost, so most characters will most likely by better in X-factor than they were before.


Level 3 felt like it was about 190%/130% at Evo. Which would mean yes, there would be next to no noticeable difference from Wesker, as his current numbers are 199%/130%. Characters that currently get more than 30% speed didn’t feel like they lost any either though, so speed could be anywhere from 30-45%. Level 3 has been buffed for the majority of characters.


Awe crap… And here I was hoping they would normalize in Amy’s direction…

Dumb comeback mechanic is dumb.

I like big comebacks too, but not in MvC. In BB and GG there’s a lot of big comebacks, but that’s because chip damage is so low, combo damage is high enough that 2 connections can kill, RC gives a lot of unique ways to get the hit, and burst exists.

Bleh, this makes me sad.


Why would they need to tone down XFC lvl 1 and 2? Who asked for that…


The duration’s been nearly halved, keep that in mind.


Did you not see Wolverine going through 2 characters with XF1?

I hope they removed the 50% scaling minimum.


Beware of mistranslated. In a dastardly mistranslated from a while ago, Nitt said that Sent had been excluded from the roster. Then we listened to the actual interview, and Capcom’s translator said nothing of the sort.


ammy is gonna be a killer in xf3 now… she gets a better damage and speed boost and still can slow you down. as for the translation i took that they nerfed xf1 and x2 and xf3 is alot more effective compared to level 1 and 2


Everyone who was bitching about Wolverine. So, yeah, everyone.


I’m going to assume what Niitsuma was listening to were the people that used characters that didn’t get as strong benefits as characters like Wesker/Felicia/Sentinel etc in level 3 XF. Now characters like Ammy and Hulk will get significant speed boosts in XF3 so the average player can count on any character they put in the back being some kind of a force. Having at least 30 percent speed increase in XF3 was a big deal so if everyone gets at least 30 percent increase I’m sure that’s pretty much what people were looking for.

Honestly as stupid as level 3 XF is it’s a scrub player’s only shot at getting close to winning a match against a good player so I at least understand the developer’s intentions with it. People have been getting more wise to dealing with XF3 comebacks if they get the lead early on. Just turtle that shit out, put beam supers on the screen till it runs out, whatever. Hit the character and then fucking kill them etc.

Dark Wesker will be a bit less of a problem now that you won’t have to DHC glitch him to kill him. It’s obvious that they want Phoenix’s gameplay to derive from 5 meters and level 3 XF so that’s not going to change either. Which is most likely why they nerfed the shit out of her pre 5 bars game. I don’t see Phoenix surviving snapbacks anymore from any character with the one action shit. She’ll now be the hit or miss character that she was intended to be with the hit requiring more effort than before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see people putting Phoenix on point to try to build the 5 because if she takes one snap back she just won’t have the tools to not get hit anymore.

The main thing I wanted them to tone down was XF2 and DEFINITELY XF1. Comeback mechanic that gives you a chance to run through the whole team? Stupid yeah…but it can be dealt with especially if you have all 3 characters yourself. A mechanic that allows that gives you a viable shot to kill off 2 people at the start of the round? That’s WORSE than a comeback and needed to go. It basically stops the other team from getting started without having to build any meter first.

At least X23’s guaranteed 2 character XF1 kill stuff requires specific assists and 3 meters built.


110/120/130% damage, 105/110/115% speed, 6/8/10 seconds



Oh god, Hulk in level 3 X-factor speed boost with the new 3 hits of super armor s.H, cancelling into gamma charge for pressure is just ASKING you to press a button. :eek:


MODOK with a Speed boost in Xfactor level 3 will be sooo sexy! I still hate xfactor mechanics tho.


If I’m not mistaken it is 7/10/13 seconds now.


Honestly The Speed boost is very significant to my teams captain… Thor with level 3 xfactor speed is going to put a hurting on a lot of people.