Ok something interesting about fireballs

Ok I want to spark up the oro boards again. When urien is in the corner you can just keep throwing random fireballs. Just stay half screen away and spacing him with pokes and he can’t do anything. I have tested it on alot of urien players and it works.

Any comments?

im guessing you mean jab and strong balls? he could parry and go straight into a tackle, but i guess thats just asking to be parried. And are you sure he cant just st.fr the tip of your finger?

its positioning based, if you run away from corner its free meter for a patient urien, and its parry punish bait from closeish range. if you get too cocky with fireballs you can just random tackle oro out of them too. when oro is very close to tengu or urien NEEDS to put you in the corner to win, then its generally very safe to throw out fireballs all day, otherwise i wouldnt bother with it. the last thing you want to do when urien has 1/8th health and above a meter cornered is rush into him because you’ll lose to a guess.

well not in range for pokes i mean stay far like literally half screen away. And he runs into the fireballs. Also tackle wont hit you in time after a far away parried fireball.

half screen is easy to parry on reaction and stand there though, and you do the tackle while hes starting up on the fireball, its really really really really really easy to hit out of if you know its going to happen. it’s good to use circumstantially, but i wouldnt whore it when is urien capable of sitting there all day and not lose much or anything.

Urien can EX Knee drop on reaction for jab fireball. Ex Tackle for Strong.

However this is a good tactic to use on a Urien when mixed with constant pokes. However, Urien doesn’t really need to get out of the corner persay, hes not really an offensive character. But yeah, needless to say, Aegis.

Also you can say whatever you want about parrying fireballs, but I’ve seen the best of players screw that up. Also, don’t forget about kara fireball. It can make parrying those things tricky, but still not to difficult.

Thank you MOD for actually understanding because this tactic works and I was wondering if other players use it. HMM plus you are builds meter for every parry he misses. If your good enough lol i will unlock this combo for you guys unless someone knew. Ok space them out so thewy can jump out. Then they will try to jump throw air fireball out of anticipation and activate super if planned correctly you get a free juggle because the fireball gives you juggle a point.

i know the dash up c.MP after aa fireball in corner shit :] its really easy to nail on urien because hes tall and it works off a kneedrop, he cant feint or real kneedrop against an oro thats got him cornered, which works normally. you can also do ex fireball crossup since it works vs urien in that situation and you want to kill him and dont have tengu, it also pretty much beats jump flat out unless the urien knows exactly what you’re doing. you can just air throw or dash under jump attack or jump in with any attack timing.
one thing sergio never does is mixes up aa fireball parries with air throw/attack. if you do it after the first hit but before the second theres not a single situation the opponent can take the upper hand. ex fireball pretty much rapes urien in the corner for free.

i’m in no way saying its a bad strategy, just its not going to get you anywhere in some situations and you desperately need to stay unpredictable and at the proper range or he gets out of the corner for free.

sergio picked up on it a while ago so i know the ins and outs of it as urien. its pretty hard to fuck with and im generally very impatient but its pretty easy to beat when im focused and not being cocky.

and yes, screwing up a fireball parry is going to happen but its generally pretty good to just chill out and parry them until you get an opportunity to punish oro. i’d rather be fighting pokes and fireballs than calculated rushdown imo.

Throwing fireballs against Urien is a bad idea because he can use EX Aegis and reflect them back at you!

shit dude way to give away my secret :frowning:

Last time I checked, getting urien to waste Aegis = good

He’ll get his meter back in a few seconds. That’s the beauty of having two stocks.

Yeah but getting hit with a fireball = bad.