Ok whats up with Capcom and balancing?

ok Sagat got nerfed in SSF4 and every one said what the hell he got nerfed to hard and he was a really good character and now in arcade he gets buffed and is now a or b tier while guys like Guy was really low tier and not really a good character but still usable he gets some buffs in AE but nothing really game changing he is still only a C rated character.You guys know what i mean ofcourse all the C rated characters are usable thats not the point the point is nerfing a character that needs to be nerfed and then buff him up again and not doing it to characters who need it more than Sagat

Basically the old school (some of whom now work for CAPCOM) remember imbalance as being fun and so put it in the game, when really they’re just romanticising it or not understanding it, confusing balance with homogeny.

Also tiger shot, that’s why.

well i dont find it fun at all but the game is fun

Possible because it’s very very difficult to balance something with a roster of this size until it is put to the general public, as well as the elite in the field. To determine whether a particular change will justifiably balance a character,

After all chess is only balanced because they’res only one character to pick. Think of the screw up’s in balancing if there’d be if they made a Chess VS Draught or seomthing. & i’m a strong believe that even a small change to a character can have a large effect on his reliability.

I’m not to sure about Yun though. I’d question whether he’s a genuine attampt at legitimate baalnce.

yun is OP. nothin more needs to bee said so is fei long

thread should’ve been “lack of balancing”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Capcom doesn’t know how to balance. It tosses all available moves into a hat and picks one. That move gets changed.

Most of the time these things work out magically. Other times the person picking out of the hat rigs it.
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ok this game is so fucking cheap that i have no word to descripe it


They did horrible balance so they could sell you another copy.

We have plenty of tier and match up threads already available for you to complain about balance issues in.