Ok, who here is interested in making a CVS2 website with me?


I have the domain and hosting already, I am also a proffesional web designer. I can handle all the photoshop work, html, and design. The site will look hot.

But, i need a few people to help me with gathering combos and such, I intend to make this site everything that namonaki was. This is serious, and the site will be one of the best resources for cvs out there.





Hey man, dont spam in my thread…


hey, I can help.

Whenever someone posts something in your forums I can reply with “OLD, knew about that one months ago. Get a clue already”.

And whenever they ask for advice I can reply with “Stop sucking so hard scrub! LOL!!!”.

It’ll be just like SRK! :smiley:

Umm. yeah, sorry 'bout the spam. I could help if you want it. I don’t imagine I’d be a great resource or anything though. that’s a pretty tall order you’re trying to fill.


Yo. I know a bit of photoshop and i’m not that fluent in HTML, but i know that shit, from tables, to frames.



Don’t judge my avatar for my photoshop skills. I needed a funny avatar , and buktooth’s avatar KICKS ASS. but overall i’m a good overall avatar maker. i can get references from peeps and shiz to proove it.


i could make shit in photoshop if u want i also know html


i know my ps shit… umm should i show some work of me?


heh hope i typed in correctly…

i suck at html tho



I know Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, Quark, Premire (i could edit video’s and capture), Flash, page maker, and some more (graphic arts student). So i could do nearly anything including custom images, you’d have to give me quite of pit of power there (abilty to post my own vids), and i’d do it (im currently making my own SF site made only in flash for an assignment, but i’d rather you pay for it, and i’d work there)


rocky dean, youre in for videos and such, others, im not really looking for photoshop people, i have them, im looking for people who can write in-depth strategys on spacing and such, and im also looking for people who can put up cc’s/ combos.


i can do the heck anyone here can


ok, if you have aim, contact me at segaman2002.


do u have messenger?


msn is segaman2003@hotmail.com if thats what you mean by messenger.


I’ll gladly help as much as I can…But I’m a scrub…



what kind of articles are you looking for???

I’m sure alot of people on this board could post some good shit on specific characters

if your looking for that I could help out a tad…


gamingnow.net check your pm’s


got it :cool:

Jobs open:

Writers (3 spots left): im looking for people who can write nice in-depth strategies for how to control space and such as various characters.

Combo posters (2 spots left): Post the inputs required to perform various combos for various characters. - Twitch77, Evil elvis.

PHP coders (1 spot left): I need some sort of cms that will allow our staff to put up combos on certain character’s pages. Nothing fancy, just the ability to add text to a page without going through the html.

Video capturers (2 spots left): Capture videos of you performing the cc’s and combos we list for various characters. - jreinert13

Video editors (1 spot left): clip the raw videos our video capturers send you. -Rocky Dean,


Gamingnow.net: Check your Pms…Plz.





Pmed you man =)