Ok, Who'S The Real Dumb One Here?


So me and my brother were gonna go see a movie with a whole bunch of friends tonight. Anyways, my brother had a free buy 1 get one free coupon. He tells me to get him in for free by buying my ticket and he gets a free ticket.

I’m like ok, let’s split the cost of the ticket in half, that way it’s fair. He says no and than decides to not go. I think that makes him a dick, who agrees with me here?

Or am I the one that’s wrong? Ohh well, Rambo starts in about 40 minutes and I’m just about to leave. I guess I’ll be better off without him.


Anybody who misses Rambo is the true dumbass.

points to avatar now imagine that for the last 20 mins.


I would say you are slightly in the wrong because it is his buy one get one free ticket and you guys are brothers.


I think he’s the dumbass since he isn’t going to see Rambo.


uh, sounds reasonable to me.


Wow, if everybody was as nice as you


Yeah I think he should split it with you. Otherwise he can buy that shit himself or find someone else to buy it.


Youre right, if youre going to get 2 tickets for the price of one why should you be the one to pay it all to get him in for free. If hes so cheap that he cant split a 9-13 dollar movie ticket its his loss.


The movie tix are like $10 bro, just pay for your bro


nigga make him do that shit next ya go. its john fucking rambo trust me your gonna need someone to be get hype with


Im sure you bro could just use the ticket with one of his buddies instead.


Seriously… It’s only $10. Nothing to make such a big fuss about.

But I guess you and your bro aren’t tight like that.


I say your brothers an idiot. Whenever I have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon I either split the cost with the other person or just treat the other person to the free thing. Your brother would especially be a dumbass if it was his idea to goto see a movie. I mean if someone asked me to goto the movie and then said, oh by the way I have this coupon so you buy your ticket and give me the free one, I’d punch them in the face.


Your the them dumbass. Why? I dunno.


you should just punk him for his extra movie ticket and give it to your friend. shows him right for trying to be a smart ass.


He the dumb ass for not seeing Rambo your just a ass for not hooking your brother up.


He really couldn’t afford to dish out five bucks?

Monte’s right, your brother’s a dumbass if it was HIS idea to go to that particular movie with your friends and use it.


you are ok in my book. the brother was the dumbass. I’m all for taking advantage of friends and family, but only for those that also look out for me. As in, they let me borrow/lend me their shit, or hook me up with something.


His brother isn’t a dumb ass he just a douche bag, who wanted to use someone for his own gain. However it still only $10 let your brother feel like he smart and hook him up and use that later against him when you need a favor that worth more then $10.


Wasn’t there some story in the Bible about some wise king, and two women were arguing about a Rambo ticket, and the wise king was gonna cut it in half, but the one willing to give up the Rambo ticket was the true owner of the Rambo ticket?

Wait, that makes no sense at all.