Ok, wtf is up with the mvc2 matchmaking?


Just started playin again but somethin that is so weird about this game is the matchmaking. Like I will do quickmatch and 80% of the time it doesn’t find a game so then it asks me to make a lobby so I do so and normally someone joins pretty quickly.

But then what is with the next part which is when u sit in the host room. You hit A to start game but it seems to not acknowledge that. Do both players need to hit A for it to start? If this is so then why do people more than half the time just sit in this room then eventually leave?

THEN it gets worse lol when u actually find a game people then sit at the character select screen and just wait to see who you pick. I don’t pick top tier, I just been goin with some fun characters… Venom, Blackhart, and Juggarnaut lol I might drop Jugg though.

As soon as that character screen hits I pick my characters without second thought, takes me all of 5 seconds. Then after I pick people seem confused cuz they aren’t facing a Magneto or Storm etc so then they hover around the character board for another 20-30 seconds.

I swear the online in this game is freakin weird as all hell and people don’t make it better by being even weirder lol


Don’t quickmatch… either find a room or make one. Easily the fastest way. Also either player can start the match by hitting the button… but there is a bug where sometimes nobody can start the match. When this happens normally the person needs to rejoin and it will start working fine. As far as the select screen there are a lot of reasons why people might wait.

If they suck… they might just not have teams ready made. If they are good they might wait to see if you pick gods or low tier… so they can match your choice. Or they could just be counterpicking…lol


If I am waiting at the character select screen it’s usually because I’m trying to puff on a lil’ something between matches.


Lol @ folks waiting on the character selection screen. I hate that too, I always pick top tier and folks always trying to counter-pick and shit. I just be wanting to play really, it ain’t like it’s gonna mean anything afterwards. You win some, you lose some, deal with it, live with it. shrugs

If anyone finds me waiting on the character selection screen, it’s more than likely I’m away from the game, bathroom, quick fridge run, etc. I ain’t got time to be worrying about who the next person is picking, just play!


I often am reading a book at the same time: it makes sense to have something else to do during the downtimes. Or texting people.


I’m gearing up my music to pump me up at the select screen


You use headphones or what? I can’t seem to play a game with headphones, it’s like I gotta hear the actual soundFX of the characters blocking and attacking or it’ll just throw me off.