Ok, you have a full kgroove. what's your mentality at that point?


what do you do nearing rage or when you’re rage?

would you say it’s somewhat character specific what you do with your rage?

what are some of the things you try and do to get your opponent to conform to your needs when raged up or even before you get raged?


Get knocked down so I can wake up with a level 3 !!


Depending on the character, I like to scare them into thinking i’m going to super, but really beat the crap out fo them with raged normals. Like Geese. Raged Geese…You are RETARDED to jump in on a raged Geese, you’ll eat a Raising Storm, so they tend to back off and stay on the ground. That’s when I start guard crushing the HELL out of them, and if i break it in time, I have a free super, if not, then I succeded in making my opponent soil his pants :smiley:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Generally I continue fighting as normal, most chars have some sort of lvl 3 super that the opponent will be afraid of. Generally the opponent will either play too defensively, allowing openings for GCs or throws (which do that much more dmg when raged) or whatever, and they may very well open themselves up to a combo of just blatent super. If I see an opening for the super, I’ll just use it right then.


Several things I do:

With Sagat I try to get an c.Medium to hit, then I do nothing (as lvl.3 is expected)and when they retaliate I change gears with lj.RH or c.Fierce, or even better JD->lvl3 Genocide, that way I get use of the damage increase.

Gief: Jump at the opp. w/o attacking (JD ready), as soon as I get to the floor I SPD or c.Short, most of the time the opp jums to dodge the SPD, so: QCFx2+K, or PPP

Some times I even turtle to get my opp out of balance (uhm? but hes got a super, what’s going on?) and bait them, hao is excellent in this.

I go for guard break patterns for the full bar-time.

People tend to forget you are still able to JD in Rage

Rolento: Steel rain -> taunt as stupid as this seems it some times work if you are in the opposite side of the screen, its like “You can’t beatme, HAHAHA, I don’t evn need this stupid rageything come at me!!” keeps people guessing and making mistakes a lot.


Sagat: Business as usual. I might their a super their way towards the end of my bar just to blow through the end of my bar with maximum efficiency, but otherwise I usually just go for Sagat’s Fierce and crouching Fierce and pound them for a while.

Yamazaki: Catch them in the AA clutch and watch them cry. JD and repeat.

M. Bison: Keep them on their toes and apply as much pressure as possible, keeping the ducking Forwards coming and waiting for a mistake. Basically I’m trying to coax them into fucking up just enough so that they can eat a Mega Psycho Crusher; otherwise I’m just trying to use my normal strategies, which are similar to this but with a normal Psycho Crusher as anti-air punishment. Small jump is great with Bison, keeps your leaping to a minimum.

Any further suggestions or critiques?


When you’re raged, once of the best things to do is to rush that mofo. When you’re raged, everything is good…

a) you do more damage when your normals hit (duh)

b) you do alot more guard damage when they block (so you can crush their guard and then super), even jabs and stuff, so if you have a fast character (ie ryu, cammy), run up and jab them repeatedly…with heavy hitters like sagat and geese, just start some block chain that ends wiht a fp/or f+fp, which would most likely end up taking more than 1/2 of their guard meter.

c) out prioritize. 99% of all l3 supers have insane priority AND invincibility in the start up, so try to look for openings to sneak in a super, for example, sagat can empty small jump to make them stand up and try to block, and then land and pull a l3 tiger raid for them to eat (since they have to block low)

d) if you have a safe l3 super (ie, Sagat’s low fireball super), you can chip them for some damage when the meter runs down. Also, when you pull these safe supers, some ppl with try to punish your super, but fail miserably…so punish them back!


I usually don’t use my super at first when I’m raged. Of course, if a perfect opportunity is there I’ll use it, be generally I don’t. I like to get as much damage out of the rage as possible. In order to do that, I use other moves (normals and specials) to take off as much life as I can. Like say I’m using Zangief. If I’m playing Dhalsim and I get raged, and all of a sudden Dhalsim jumps toward me for some reason, then I’ll use my anti-air super right then, but obviously that kind of opportunity just doesn’t come by very often. If there’s no great chance like that, then I’ll just play normally. When my rage meter is near to running out, I’ll try to land a super, but frankly it’s no big deal. If there’s no good chance, then with some characters (like with the aforementioned Sagat) I’ll throw out a safe super and either hope to hit or just do chip damage. I find it’s often the case that I hurt the opponent as much if I play normally with the increased rage damage as I can do by landing a single super right off the bat.


Wtf? If you land a cr. mk (i’m assuming kick) then why wouldn’t you do the super. If you have guaranteed damage take it.


I am a VERY avid k groove player… My ideaolgy of playing k groove is basically your game plan does not and should not revolve around the use of supers. When raging I do not change my game one bit, if I was turtling in the corner and I just defended a fireball to make me raged. I will continue to sit there in the corner. Trying too hard to land a super can really hurt your game. Now if you are playing a very offensive rushing game, then continue to do so.


Anytime I see a point that has a high probability of landing that lvl 3 I take it.

A couple raged up normals is coo to land.
But getting stabbed in the face by a red impact… eating a hotfoot… taking a hurricane to the grill… a big ass electric ball to the chin, or whatever, is what its all about.
Im not going to try and land a bunch of normals and go for super at the last second.
If the opportunity is there, im gonna blast someone with that shit.

But being raged is all about space control and footsies that combo into lvl.3.

I dont so much rush down, but just stay in someones face.
If they do something, ill punish it.
If they do nothing, I will pressure with the intent to counter their turtling or runaway. IE: even though im attacking, im aware of their escape tactics and have plans to counter them.


100% of Level 3 supers all have 23 frames of invincibility and therefore, basically the same priority. Just FYI.

The answer to the topic is usually rush the fuck down and land a super if the opportunity presents itself. Many scrubs thing being raged = must land a super.


Very true. I’m not sure about many other characters, but if my terry is raged, ands i dont get to land a super, I just throw out a Buster Wolf at the end. From what I’ve seen, most people are too dumb to duck (Or the character is too big), so they just block it, get a little chip damage, and it throws them back far enough to make it unpunishable if blocked. And who knows, maybe soke cocky P or K-groover will try to JD or Parry it, mess up and get hit ^^

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