Okay, I need your help on my SE stick

Just recently, my madcatz SE stick all of sudden stopped working and then worked again for a few seconds again then it goes in to this pattern of it working and not working. So, I opened it up to see if every thing is in place, any scratches, but everything looks normal. Its ONLY when I jiggle the usb cord where it starts to respond again and even the lightest touch can set it off from working. What should I do?

I’m want to avoid soddering cause I dont know anything about that, but most likely it gonna have to come to that… could be the motherboard, but, again its only when I jiggle the cord where it acts up. Thanks in advance.

It’s possible you have a bad USB cable. Most likely you’ll have to replace the entire thing, which will involve soldering the wiring to the PCB itself.


yeah thanks eltrouble and thank you Solder for that tutorial, I’ll fav it on my channel.

Also, is there something I can install to my arcade stick where it instead uses a usb port? That I can switch in and out usb cords.

What? You mean you want something that uses a quick disconnect between the PCB and the USB cable?

You can mount a Nuetrik USB jack.

nice , thanks!