Okay, I'm overwhelmed

Hi, I’ve been maining Honda for the past couple of weeks now, and I’m not sure if I’m getting any better. There is so much stuff to learn like cancels, links, chains, plinking, double tapping, pianoing, safe jumps, option selects, fadc cancels etc. I have no idea which things i should focus on first, and what kind of things i should do to improve. I kind of get the feeling that I’m going around in circles here. So if anyone could sort of list me the things that maybe i should attempt to perfect first, that would be awesome and very much appreciated.


Since you are asking a character specific question, you should try the board for that.

Anyway, in the case of honda, the harder and most useful thing are this cr lp xx hhs combo and follow ups, it is safe on block, deal good damage if hits and make honda gain meter fast.

The only thing worth to FADC is hands to oicho, is a shennanigan and personally is nearly not worth the two exs cost that can be spent on super (you can cancer hands to super) or ex headbutt.

Almost no honda use safe jumps because his jump is too floaty, anyway there is right now a thread about how safe jumping and still Honda have good options against anyone wake up.

So, I would say, focus first in piano and linking for this bnb but remember that the thing more important with honda is to know how to hit someone who don’t stop tossing fireballs and punishing any kind of jump in and that is gained by playing against people.

Ok, thanks for the input much appreciated.

Focus on holding d/b through the whole match and poking/anti-airing from that position. Your win rate would improve dramatically.

The Mike Ross style

Unsafe jump-ins?


Honda have a great jump in game, if you catch your opponent, he will lose from 250 upwards and put you in his face so can deliver more pain. If you fail the guess, you usually dont lose much life unless the opponent have an AA to ultra. Is like that quote from the untouchables, your opponent have a knife and you have a bazooka.

Remember that j hp can punish fireballs from 3/4 screen and that mp trades or beat anything… even after the nerf.