Okay, is Parrying harder on pads than sticks?


or do i just suck?

I can parry one or two hits on a PS2, and there are NO arcades in SUV mini wage job distance.

im gonna spend a week in parrying training.


Why would it make a difference?




parrying is probably the one thing thats really easier on pad. i mean on a pad you just hit down or forward…on a stick you gota find down or forward and make sure not to get downforward. either way once you get used to it…it becomes strictly about the timing.


Because its only 1 input, so it’s not like a kara throw where it would be logistically difficult to press all the buttons.


parrying is easiest on keyboards.


don’t you have to parry up to 3 frames before you’re hit? if that’s the case i guess there could possibly an issue with you tapping forward too soon where it would take just a little longer to tap forward on a joystick


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