Okay, ordered HRAP 3 - replace buttons or not?

I am a beginner with these joysticks. I heard the Sanwa joystick which is already in it is fine, but the buttons are not Sanwa made.

Would it make a big difference to a beginner? I don’t know how the buttons are and won’t find out until it arrives next week.

I got lucky and found it on Amazon.com for 100$ :3

At $2.95 a button from Lizard Lick, for the love of god, do it.


For a beginner? I’d say keep the buttons and just mess around with them first. I don’t think hrap buttons are bad at all.

Stock buttons are good but sanwas are GREAT.

It’s up to you though.

What type of 24mm buttons do I use for the Start/Select at the top of the HRAP3? I want them to be transparent like the 30mm Seimitsu ones, but couldnt find any 24mm transparent Seimitsus on Lizardlick.

Can anyone help?