Okay, so how do you REALLY unlock Akuma and Gouken?

God, I’m getting fed up. I’ve read half a dozen different FAQs on unlocking these two characters and they all seem to differ on one point or another. Some say you need first attacks, some say you need perfects on specific rounds… The most common answer, however, is that you need to unlock all the other hidden characters first, then complete the game with a minimum of two perfects, two Ultra finishes, and no continues. Well, I did exactly that with Sagat. And after beating Seth: NO FUCKING AKUMA!!

I’m sick of chasing after false walkthroughs, so I’ve come here for help. How do you REALLY unlock Akuma on Gouken on PC?

gamefaqs . com

Dude, that’s where I came from! Those FAQs are inaccurate, that’s why I’m asking here.

Cheat Engine or trainer.


There’s no single method, it’s based on an invisible points system.
You accumulate points for various things, and if you get enough Akuma or Gouken show up.

First off, you need to unlock Cammy, Fei Long, Sakura, Dan, Rose and Gen. Then, you MUST use a character you’ve already finished with. Using a character you don’t have the ending unlocked for will simply unlock the ending and not Akuma.

The simplest way to trigger Akuma is to slap it on Easiest, 1 round, get a single perfect, then continue through and never to use a continue. After Seth, Akuma should challenge. Don’t do any more than this or Gouken might trigger instead.

Then, finish with Akuma.

Next, slap it on easiest, 1 round again. You should do the next run again using a character you have ALREADY finished it with, and you can’t continue. You’re aiming for 2 perfects, 3 ultra finishes, and 5 first strikes. That set will usually trigger Gouken.

The biggest mistake people make is to not have unlocked the first 6 characters, and to try to trigger Akuma with a character on their first run with that character.

And before you ask, to unlock Seth, simply finish the game with every other character, including Gouken.

oh remember you need to watch the movies to unlock gouken, otherwise if you skip it then he won’t be unlocked.

Go for it!

Really?! I never had to do that and I got Akuma and Gouken. :rofl:

Don’t spoil the fun :rofl: