Okay, so I've got the console version of KoFXII


So there’s a good chance that there’s going to be DLC. . . most likely unlock keys.

i really hate you, you lucky bastard :lovin:

why do I not believe you. as they say online. Proof or GTFO

Nothing new really. Also, sources dawg… how is anyone going to believe you?


thanks for your input jan 2009

cool 13 year old leona combo

whats mature n elizabeths moveset

I don’t believe you. Besides, I’ve seen that picture before on 2CH. If you really want us to believe you, show us Mature and Elizabeth’s move set. Oh, and post each and every one of the character’s different palettes. Please.


Are there new stages in the console version?

Pics pics pics pics or it doesn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue: Pics of the command list, pics of the disc running on your screen, pics of swedish babes. Pics!

Thanks for the info. Moves being gone isn’t a surprise at all, especially since Elizabeth seems to be totally redesigned. The whole game has shorter movelists.

Does the online work in the test version? If it does, is there anyone else with it you can test it with?


Thanks Siegfried!

Looks like they made Mature as limited as Clark is in terms of moves? Unless that isn’t the complete movelist.

Thanks for the info/pics, Siegfried.

i’m guessing you’re in the industry?

Good job. Thanks for the info. I’ll think up some things to ask you later.

I stand corrected. Thanks for providing pictures

how did you get the this?. Don’t tell me sources.lol.