Okay, so I've got the console version of KoFXII

Hm, so this time around, Mature doesn’t have…

-Decide (HCF+K sleeve extend throw)
-Sacrilege (DP+P anti-air, with Despair changing from QCF+P to this motion instead)
-Death Claws (QCB+P x3 rekka)
-Ebony Tears (QCF, HCB+P projectile)
-Nocturnal Lights (QCF, QCF+P autocombo DM)

Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the info.


Coolio. Thanks for posting up stuff. I assume the online isn’t functional in the test version, right?


Interesting. Sounds like you got ahold of a preview build. Was it delivered by snk or ignition? Any details they gave to emphasize or pretty much gave you free range?

Make a vid dude where you show all the stages,menus, and Mature and Elizabeth. I know theirs pics of the menus, but I just want to a see a vid.lol.

the final roster is 22 characters.

no mai and K’

thanks SNK.

^ Just because he has a copy of the console version doesn’t necessarily mean its the final build. Though I guess it could be…will just have to wait and see.

waah, waah, kyo doesn’t have his wicked chew :rolleyes:

Well, this is a kick to the balls. I’m all for new characters, but there’s still no boss?! Why? Unless it’s DLC (which I doubt) I am very underwhelmed by this entry in the KOF series.

Man, many thanks for the picture. =) Sorry for being so skeptical, but as you know, this is the internet, everyone can come up with “I’m an insider” and provide a bunch of vague (or fake) info. I’m glad I was proven wrong though haha

were you told if there will be any significant changes between this and the final build? Like additional characters, stages or whatever?

Or is this as close as done?

no its not the final build, but generally 99% of it is not going to be changed, including the character roster when the master build is made. the only thing left to do is a few polish and spelling corrections.

for example, when sf4 console was released, the final console character roster was already decided back in August 08, when the arcade version was released. Reviewers already had their hands on playable rose, gen, cammy etc… back in November 08 while news of it was barely trickling through to the gaming blogs.

Dude, I don’t think they’re gonna give that much priority. Nobody in their right mind, if they’re serious about fighting games, uses an ANALOG stick to control a character. Arcade stick or pad, make a choice. Analog is hella precise for fps and driving games, but TERRIBLY sloppy for fighters, mainly cuz in fighters (that only know “left”, “right” ect., and not varying degrees/pressure of any directional input), the direction pressed isn’t recognized until the stick is pressed fully in that direction, and analog sticks move one HELLUVA lot compared to arcade sticks and pads, where a tap is enough. You’d be eating sweeps and point-blank moves you would be able to respond to instantly with a pad or an arcade stick.

can you post some pics of the girlz please :lovin:

actually i use it whe i play with gief

Yop yop, i have a few questions :wonder: :

Obnoxious ? How so ? Are they pixelated noisy or something else ? I mean they look really nice in screen shots and HD videos from the arcade versions.

You can’t use the left stick… does that mean you stuck with the D-pad ( not a problem at all for me ) ?
Does it play nice, can you do special moves without any problems ( like in Street4 ) or is it more difficult ? How are the loadings ? 6 stage means 6 music or do we have more ? And the sprites, do they look nice or are they too pixelated ?

have you ever tried playing a fighting game using the 360 pad?

Oh yeah important question for PS3 users: Custom soundtrack?

since they said over 22 characters… yeah i doubt this is the final build

thanks for the info though.

No. I own a reliable system.

Considering their advertisements say ‘more than 22 characters’, there should at least be one more. Most likely DLC.