Okay, this is crazy

Fuck this madden ad. When I HAVE to switch to a new browser so I can install AdBlock plus to block this fucking Madden Ad because I can’t even navigate the site, something’s fucking wrong.

I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but the other day when I didn’t have access to my main computer and had to use IE, I couldn’t click on the “Forums” link at the top because some stupid ad kept blocking me. I understand the need for ads, but not when they give this many problems.

People browse SRK without NoScript and ABP?

People still browse the Internet using Internet Explorer?

That’s like walking in a jungle full of monkeys with your mouth open: Just think of all the crap you’ll get.

Yup, I got the same problem. I can’t click on ANY links on SRK. It just keeps bringing up this stupid ad. This site is ridiculous now.

I know I bitched when we first got Ads and how I thought them to not be needed. But this is fucking nuts. This is not needed. You’re going to sacrifice your users ability to navigate and fucking read your website just so you can lower costs for it?