Okizeme options/mixup thread

Guy has some pretty good tricks up his sleeve when get gets an untechable knockdown. I am still testing to find the best setups but a few that I’ve been using have had really good success.

Using a forward throw as an example, you have a few options that I use a lot

  1. Hold UF, jump twice, crossup MK

  2. Hold UF, jump twice, late D+MP(exact same setup as the crossup, but this hits in the front)

  3. Hold UF, jump twice, early elbow to bait reversal.

  4. Hod UF, jump twice, empty jump land low throw tech short
    (this 50/50 is pretty strong, it is not really possible to react to which side to block. Much like a shoto’s crossup hurricane, you can’t tell how to block based on where he jumps from. Last option is a classic empty jump low to confuse their block more, this will land behind them)

  5. Dash twice, jumpin low short on landing

  6. Dash twice, jumpin, wait split second, low throw tech short
    (basic empty jump low setup, first one for confusing their block, it is timed meaty so that they will be hit if they try to mash throw or do anything but block/backdash/reversal. 2nd one is for if you think they may reversal, you’ll land and block, then input the low tech in case they were mashing throw. Low short leads to combo of choice)

  7. Hold UF, land then LP izuna flip, meaty izuna drop option select stand MP xx ex Houzanto

  8. Hold UF, land then LP izuna flip, immediately cancel to elbow and block
    (#7 is unduckable and will actually beat a lot of reversals as well, for the ones that it wont, option 8 is there to bait them. This izuna drop is not duckable if you do it correctly, it grabs them during their first standing frames where they are counted as standing regardless of their stick input. After you press punch to input the izuna drop, option selecting the stand MP xx houzanto will punish them if they backdashed away)

  9. FP empty izuna flip(lands behind them), meaty c. LP, c. LP+HP or HK
    (this is mainly to remove the back charge from charge characters. U1 Balrog for example has to block this low jab, his headbutt is so slow that meaty low jab is safe against it and still allows you to block, he has no charge for ex rushes or ultra, turn punch and backdash will lose to the option select, etc. Whether you option select low HP or low HK into your 2nd jab will depend on your opponent’s character backdash properties, if the low HP will hit them on the ground then use it so that you can followup with stand MP to ex houzanto, if it will air reset them then use the sweep to get the knockdown)

I’ll update this later once I find more stuff, I think that Guy has a pretty good mixup though in general on the knocked down opponent. The only problem with it is that usually the combo you land off the mixup will not put them back in the same situation, most of your combos end in a techable knockdown or in the case of the run slide, no crossup option.

Run slide, leads to Safe jump set up.

Tech knockdown if you have meter leads to EX Bushin Flip shenanigans.

RSL will lead to punish or throw setups to recreate the situation.

Scaring them not to tech will possibly lead into the same situation. So really Guy can control the game if you play your cards right and depends on your opponent and their playstyle.

We have any Video on Guy safe jumps, I keep hearing about them but yet to see it.

pretty simple really, just a neutral jump hk very soon after the slide connects. you’re safe from anything that isn’t a 3 or 2 frame reversal. as far as videos go , i’ve seen alioune do it a few times in match, i do it a few times in my set with alboshinobi, i’ve seen valle and combofiend do it in videos as well

Can you safe jump with neutral jump mk as well?

Alioune does it with Mk so I would assume so.

can you use his elbow also ? or does that hit to high?

I wish he had a safe jump after throwing like ryu. You can also do nj.ex izuna if you think they will reversal. It works on a lot of reversals in the game except a few ex ones. 10 stars made a vid to showcase all of them. It’s good for more options/mix ups.

You can… just be wary of when to do it. It can beat out some reversals if time correctly.

Overhead punch can be canceled into his forward shoulder tackle.

Well aware of that.

This is good vs people who like to jump out of their wake up, which gets annoying,. i did this yesterday where I did cross up jmk, overhead punch and they jumped, I canceled into lp hoazanto then quickly did an ex bushin kick to catch them. Another trick up our sleeves :slight_smile:

Also, run stops are really good. Its a solid mix up after f or bthrow. The mix up should work as Run stop, run stop, then either run stop, run slide, or run overhead. the stop baits out reversals, the slide is too quick to react to and block low, and the overhead is safe and an…overhead. Id go for overhead mostly, and slide if they fall for that alot. Of course if you can tell they are getting antsy, run stops bait reversals very well.

I would never do that in a serious match because no one would fall for that very often plus if its any with a DP or SPD, its not a smart idea.

Why would no one fall for it? What counter measure beats everything you can do out of the slide? With a dp, you use run stop and sometimes run slide works. For an spd, you do run overhead. Its a guessing game, it takes reading, but whenever you win the guessing game you either

run stop bait the reversal land a combo
run slide get a knockdown rinse and repeat
run overhead land a hit+ keep the pressure/grab

run xx overhead is safe? since when? i’d like you to tell that to thawk as he slams your face off. also, don’t do run slide on wakeup unless you have bars for fadc, its too unsafe

hes talking about the opponents wake up not Guy’s

Why not because you don’t want to start doing that all they need to do is Focus, Overhead unless done late will hit Twice, And run depending on character will have to wait for you to get up to hit you with it and still the option to back dash remains. There’s more chances that Slide will get beaten out than Trade or win against a shoryu. Online sure you’ll bait a reversal because people spam DP or SPD like no other but offline, in a tournament against good players… I highly doubt anyone will fall for Run/Stop on wake up. Maybe if you are up in there face after a untech KD but… otherwise I highly doubt it. Plus in their face you can do more, bait for a reversal then punish with EX izuna, OS for backdashes, Backdash then punish, Apply more pressure, Safejump, overhead. Hell LP Bushin flip… you’d be surprised how useful Ninja sickle can be.

Also I was playing against a Guy player … and Bushin Flip elbow definitely hit me while I was crouch blocking… on 3 occasions… so wasn’t it not an overhead?

Its not a definite “Do this every wake up!” It is simply an option. In my opinion its just a viable as anything else Guy can do on wake up, minus focus which I actually didnt take into consideration. But its not often that people focus on wake up, even good players.

I only focus on certain characters on wake up.

I keep it really simple :

First I do nothing if I don’t know the guy, then I tend to throw, and when they get used to tech throw, that’s KINDER SURPRISE.

  • d.HK : This, if they get used to tech throw. Lead into another KD.

Throw : When they get used to block the slide.

L.k x 2 hit confirm ( Ex BSK on hit, walk throw on block or wait for a reversal ) : Against Balrog, this shit tend to just fuck a reversal Headbutt.

Nothing / Backdash ( character dependant ) I know for example that at a certain point, a rufus player can’t help but throwing a random a messiah, in that case I just do nothing. Against T hawk and Gief I back dash a lot…