Okizeme rebirth thread



So I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from people saying “vortex is dead”, “roll kills okizeme”, etc etc. This is okay with me, I’m no fan of fair-weather ibukis. Anyway, this is to put that shit to rest.

I am posting this up for everyone’s benefit but also as a way to pay it forward for the Ibuki players that came before me. Izuna, MingoDynasty, I’m looking at you.

Knockdown stats.
Hard knockdown: 20+30 frames.*
Roll: 20+31 frames.*
Face down knockdown: 20+20 frames.**
*exception: ogre, 20+29 frames.
**exception: kazuya, 20+31 frames.

Dash stats.
Forward dash: 21 frames.
:lk: Kasumi Gake: 21 frames.
:mk: Kasumi Gake: 23 frames.
:hk: Kasumi Gake: 25 frames.
Back dash: 25 frames.

So here is how it works: Roll verification starts at the end of the 20 frames of not moving and lasts 30 frames. Kasumi Gake is 25 or 23 frames, depending on which you decide to use. Kasumi Gake is capable of auto correct.

The setups.
All button presses are to be done at the end of the recovery of the last move. There are ~2-3 frames of leniency before you give up frame advantage. You can exchange :hk: for :mk: or :lk:on the final kasumi gake for most of these

:d::hk:,:qcf::mk:****,[wait ~2 frames]**,:qcf::hk:,:lp: **
Sweep vortex.

Neckbreaker vortex.

:qcb::mk:xx:d::mk:,:qcf::mk:,[wait ~5 frames],:qcf::hk:,:lp:
Tsumuji vortex.

Pseudo setups.
Kazegiri wakeup setup. If they quick get up the cr. MK will hit meaty, if they don’t get up quickly, the jump back LK will cross up because the cr. MK pushes their body away a tiny bit. If they start reading the cross up, wiff something else instead and it won’t cross up anymore.

:lp:+:lk:,:mk:,:qcf::mk:,[wait ~5 frames],:qcf::hk:,:lp:
Throw crossup. Somewhat dangerous because normal wake up will be 20 frames (leaving you at a disadvantage).

What beats it?

  1. Down-up or button mash invincible reversals.
  2. Predicted invincible reversals (shoryuken and the like won’t autocorrect)
  3. Backdash if you don’t OS tsumuji or neckbreaker on your jab.

Feel free to post your own setups and I’ll add them to the list. I haven’t extensively field tested these yet so post any observations you’ve got.

Quick video demo:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJJRZtFNHiE&hd=1

Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread

Can we get a video of this?


Sure. Video is up of vortex in action.


This is fucking dope. Nice work. Thanks


Brilliant. Thanks !


@soulsynapse- Wow that was excellent. Although you can’t call it a vortex it does deal with rolls pretty well.

I found out how to prevent rolling away when they are cornered. You can only do it with forward or back throw or raida. You do HK dash and then HK dash again. If they roll they roll into the corner and if they don’t, they just stay there right next to you. For the throws you have to wait a few frames. It’s not really a mixup though since it is obvious, it just keeps them in the corner though.

For the throw when they are anywhere else you can do dash forward twice then HK dash. You should try it.

Edit: I am having trouble with the throw one (not in corner) but I found an even more awesome one with mk tsumiji.

On knockdown do HK dash x mk dash for a crossup or lk dash for non crossup!




Awesome stuff, thanks!


Wow, I was experimenting with her CD a little on day one to see if I could catch rolls with it but they’d always roll the opposite way. Nice find, I guess I was timing it wrong. I’ll use these setups.


Soul, are you getting your frame data from the SFxT Brady guide?




I’ve been thinking about picking it up. Worth the buy I’m assuming?


At least until all the information manages to work it’s way onto the internet, yeah. They cover a lot of good stuff other than character specifics.


For your choice of music in this vid, you have gained my respect and admiration. I applaud you.


This is awesome!
I just hate the fact more luck is added to the game than needed. (I guess wrong more than 70% of the time lol)


What are you referring to, exactly?


Sometimes I think they are just going to get up. So I try to jump in and get a cross up but they roll or I assume they are going to roll and they dont so they get a free escape.


That’s part of the mind games, yo. Learn to make them roll or neutral stand. It’s not luck as much as reading your opponent.


Have to train your opponent to go for certain options more than others, and then use that knowledge to your advantage.


i’ll give it a try