I figure this would be the appropriate section to post this so I’m going to ask just what is okizeme(or oki for short) exactly? Is it really as simple as doing something and making your opponent guess on wakeup or is there more to it?

it’s a collective TERM that was coined by japanese players from way back. essentially, it’s about KEEPING them on the floor [knockdown] or corner [for the rest of the match preferably] via mixups and footsies that will limit their movement.

ground games for various characters are just as important as combos/juggles for winning a match and it depends on the approach each player takes using the tools their character has at their disposal for effective okizeme. if you know your fighting game history, you’ll understand why these “names” are used frequently when explaining some mechanics/details of the game.

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I’m not entirely sure how the fighting game term okizeme is written, but I think it’s either 置き攻め (lit. “Place Attack”, with “place” referencing the ground) or 起き攻め (lit. “Attack Occurred”, referring to an attack on the other player’s wakeup). Roughly, it refers to doing a mixup on a character standing from knockdown, usually with the intent of resetting into the same situation. The performed mixup can include doing nothing (or a feint), perhaps to bait a reversal. Yes, it’s simple, but like 8P said, it’s a key facet of some characters’ game plans.

Some games are known for having more of a focus on okizeme than others. Guilty Gear, for instance, has very strong okizeme - after getting knocked down by Millia, for example, a player must block as many as four mixups, each of which may be impossible to react to*, or eat another combo and end up in the same situation.

*As an example unreactable mixup, 214P hits low, but has a 2-frame FRC window which leaves her airborne. FRCing on the first frame allows her to immediately perform an overhead j.K (7F startup) before the low connects; FRCing on the second frame causes the low to connect first before the ovehead. Of course, she can also FRC, land, and do another low…