Oklahoma Summer Tournament (3s, NGBC, GGX2/)

Oklahoma Summer Tournament (3s, NGBC, GGX2/, HSF2:AE)

This Tournament directed by Team ForceZ (TFZ) will be held on June 24th 2006 at 1:01pm and held at Oklahoma Memorial Union (900 Asp Avenue, Suite 428, Norman, OK 73019) In the Sooner Room

Games will be…

Street Fighter 3: Thrid Strike
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Guilty Gear X2 Slash
Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition

“Street Fighter 3: Thrid Strike” is on Playstation 2 and is Double Elimination. 2 out of 3, Finals 3 out of 5.
3s Rules: Extra Colors are fine; Gill is illegal; Winner CAN’T change character but CAN change Super Art.

“Neo Geo Battle Coliseum” is going to be on PlayStation 2 and is Double Elimination. 2 out of 3. Finals 3 out of 5.
NGBC Rules: I’ve never played the game. Some one help me out here and I’ll update this infromation.

“Gulity Gear X 2 Slash” is on Playstation 2 and is Double Elimination. 2 out of 3, Finals 3 out of 5.
GGX2/ Rules: Kliff and Justice are illegal; GG Mode is illegal; Gold and Shadow are illegal, but as far as other extra colors, its fine. Winner CAN’T change character.

“Hyper Street Fighter 2:Anniversary Edition” is on Playstation 2 and is Double Elimination. 2 out of 3, Finals 3 out of 5.
HSF2:AE Rules: Gouki is illegal, Winner CAN’T change characters.

Rewards for placing
1st Place = 70% of pot
2nd Place = 20% of pot
3rd Place = 10% of pot

If you provide equipment (Consoles, TVs, Games, etc…), and TFZ uses your equipment, your entry fee will be reduced or voided. TVs have to be at least 17 inch.

Equipment needed. I need 4 TVs, 4 moded PS2s, and 2 copys of each game.

Please keep an eye on your equipment and label it. TFZ is not responcibly for lost or stolen equipment.


Please register if you plan on going so you can make it easyer on us.

If you wish to register, please do one of the following:

  1. e-mail me at LiSyaoran3063@gmail.com
  2. Private Message me on SRK or DL (both user names are LiSyaoran)
  3. Call 580-248-4585
  4. Post on this Thread

Please provide your name, handle, and games you plan on playing.

Console Tournament

There will be a $5 entry fee this time to help pay for the room.

$10 per game (If it is agreed between players to up or lower the price of the tournament, I will allow it, but this is EVERYONE!)

Bring your own Stick, there will be no extras brought (By me).

Im pretty sure you know the run down on the rules, but if you do have a question on the rules, post it up and I will answer.

See ya there! Bring everyone you can, the more the better.

Include 3 vs. 3 Team battle on Slash. :china:

Maybe, depends. This will be determined at the tournament though. If there are at least 4 teams, go for it.

Man, everyone and their mother wants GG tournies to be teams now. GO JAPAN NUTHUGGING.

Man, where’s Super Turbo? CvS2? I see myself only doing Third Strike, and even in that I’m not very good at it…

thats stupid that it’s not on xbox also…

Well, my interest in the tournament is gone now. The only one of those I’ve ever played is Third Strike, and I’m not great at it. I agree with SNK Guitarist that there should definitely be Super Turbo and CvS2, but oh well.

I thought you play NGBC? I surprised you don’t… :wasted:

OMG WTF!?!? :lol:
Are you serious? XBox sucks tah ballz sir.
More people would want it for PS2 also, I can tell you that right now. I’m not going to have one XBox set up and your the only one wanting to play on it and your oppoenet has a stick to only play on PS2. I’ll say “shit the XBox, play on a real console!” If you have XBox to PSX convertors, sure, go ahead, bring it. I’m not going to knock off the entry fee though cause I’m not useing it :rolleyes:

Well, Ok. Last time there were more ST players then CvS2, so we’ll go with ST (for PLAYSTATION 2!!!). I’ll and ST to the list :tup:

I’ve never played NGBC. That’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t want to enter on a game I’ve never played and just lose the money right there.

Now Super Turbo… /rubs hands together. I’ll be more than happy to take anybody’s money in that game muahaha

btw NO GOUKI. That fool is broke as fuck. What tournaments were you watching? Those must be some shitty Gouki players. That dude can permanently keep your shit in lockdown with his fast recovery fireballs. Not to mention those bullshit air fireballs, teleports, 3-hit lp srks, and juggling after tatsumakis.

Just… ugh… noooooo. Bad idea. Bad.

Sadly i can only use the xbox controller so i wont be able to go but i dont really care.

BTW PS sux and xbox is tons better

Bring your game then. You talk alot of talk on ST. I’ll wipe the floor with your ass.

Understood, changes made.

You should use a stick Yo.

Any by the way. I changed the Date to June 24th sense the 17th is the same date as the MWC. We don’t want that.

You’ll find out very soon that I do a lot more than just “talk.” Have your money ready for me.

heh. I’ll see what I can do about entering this bad boy then.

I’m better with the xbox controller and have always used it, id like to join this tourney. If people want to use their sticks they could probably bring a ps2 to xbox converter, i have 2…

All right…I should definately make an appearance at this one and Ill help you out with the NGBC rules…only character that should be banned is Goodman…(even though using Goodman in itself is a gamble!)

Everyone else should be tournament eligible…

You bring thoughs so you can use your XBox pad on PS2, or is it the other way around? If it is, then find it the other way around.

its ps2 to xbox only, they dont make it the other way around or else this wouldn’t be a problem

I guess your shit out of luck then. Thats what you get for restricting yourself. I’m not changing anything. Learn to use a stick. Problem solved.