Oklahoma Summer Tournament (3s, NGBC, GGX2/)

I’m new to the forums, and new to the OK fighting scene. I travel for work, so I won’t know my schedule for June for a few more weeks but I plan on being in Norman for this. I’m sure I’ll get ripped a new one but it should be fun!

Its a fact the best way to get better is to play people better then you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, thnx!!

I have bad news, I have some personal issue that have change and I can’t host the Oklahoma tournament anymore. So, Wes or Dark Geese or someone is going to have to and if they can’t then, its going to have to be cancelled. Im really sorry about this guys, huge life changing events.

Ill take it from here!!! =)

I can host it at MY PLACE!!! Hey we can all chip in for food and gas etc…I can make it kick ass etc…I can do it!!! I’ll take up for here…

What do you guys say? I’ll take it up…here in Denton we can have even more people playing…lets make it something huge…

I may throw up say a Modded XBOX for grand prize…what do you guys say?? I may have to change the date but I can do it and Ill add some games etc to appease all parties…

Lets do this!

If you have any questions Geese, just ask.
I can change the first post with all the tournament info if you give it to me.

Sure thing Li…let me plan it out…that way can make sure…lets talk guys.since there is a change of location…when do you guys think a good time will be to make it?

I’ll add some games to the mix like Tenka,Alpha 3…and some others like CVS2 or something so we can make this interesting as hell…I want everyone to have a fucking blast!!!

dude i dont want no XBOX!!! make first place just money and make some other bonus game hand out the xbox! PWEESE1

All right that works…money and some games or something…that works…what do you guys say? So tell me guys when is a good date so I can start planning this!!!