Okland gaming - every Wednesday, 6/13 8PM - 12AMish


Thanks Albert_c for the setups!

Here is what we have so far:

Fukkit, dollar tournaments every week.

Games? All.Winner take all!

5 PS3
1 xbox360
3 EVO monitors
1 CRT monitor
(ps2/dreamcast too)

1 ps3 stick
2 dual-mod stick
1 xbox stick

1 3s online (ps3)
5 AE (1 xbox, 4 ps3)
2 UMvC3 (1 xbox, 1 ps3)

house rules
drinking and smoking is allowed, just put trash where it’s due
bring shit or donate if possible
if you get double perfected, the loser sucks winner’s cock, or pay him a dollar. whichever the loser prefers.
don’t jack my shit or i will cut you

i’ll post some pics too when i can.


Berkeley / Brocade thread
Berkeley / Brocade thread

Definitely in for BEARCADE 2.0. I can bring an entire setup (sticks, xbox, monitor) or whatever pieces are needed. 7-12 on Wednesdays is basically perfect for me too, time-wise.



I’d definitely be down. It’s not always convenient to hit up Southtown in SF all the time :slight_smile:

Can’t really provide an extra TV (mine’s just too friggin big, 50" plasma… perhaps I could host with that >.>).

But I have a spare HORI stick for anyone to use.

I’m mainly AE, but I’ve dabbled in UMVC3. It’d be fun nonetheless!


Sick Av dude!


i didn’t think a thread could be shittier than the bearcade thread but damn…


It’s shitty now that you’re here.


fuck you let’s go ft10, winner gets to shit on LB’s carpet



I will not shit for three days prior to this, and eat a bottle of siracha prior to the battle.

Whoever wins…LB loses.


whoever shits at my place has to eat it before they leave.



That siracha is going to make it very difficult I think.


worst thread ever

wish i still lived in the area so i could shit on lb’s carpet more often though


Yo I don’t wanna play AE/umvc, but can I just come over and shit on the carpet?


real honest shitting


Bro, I’m down as fuck.
Will bring 2 sticks if needed. (ps3 TE and dual mod)


looks like good 6 people at least and lots of shit eating i can record and upload to SRK.

ok first session on 2/22/12 !!!


i would go but weds is not good for me );


6 guys 1 carpet SRK edition hype


this sounds fun


im down. won’t come frequently due to school work.


aight fuckers. if you know me already, you are invited. txt/pm for address.

if you don’t know me already, maybe you should. :wink: