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So what are your thoughts on Dudley in Street Fighter 4? BUT MY VIRAL THREAD
Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread
Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread





I think if they gave either his ex duck or his ex ssb armor absorb it would make things interesting


I think the ex-duck is fine except it would be nice if they could increase its invincibility frame.
EX SSB could use a buff, like dodging most stuff only on his way back.


In addition to the changes I suggested earlier, I think it would be good to make lk SSB 0 on block and ex at -1/2. But honestly, the attack just isn’t that useful in this engine.


All ducks should have upper body invul. EX duck should be hit invul. Nothing wrong with Dudley being top tier.


Duck straight on hit should have less push back on counterhit so we can combo for ppl trying to focus bait our st.hp, f.hp. Also make Ultra 1 not get back stabbed by dhalsims ultra 1/guiles ultra 2 2-3 hits of PROJECTILE invincbility?

Post those buffs! they are real buffs for duds that don’t break him

also Ultra 1 should punish back dashes a bit better and have a longer lasting hit box that stays cover a spot after use so people get trapped easier.


Cody has ridiculous frame advantage on a lot of normals but he can’t combo off of lows (unless cr. LK hits CH) or overhead so he’s dependent on you pressing buttons during his pressure.

Dudley can combo off of 2 lows (crLK crHK) and his overhead.

They both can do heavy damage and stun, Dudley has better walkspeed, Cody has better normals overall imo. And Cody has a knife and gets Vega-like normals that chip >:/


Make him more like Balrog. I’m not kidding. Give him armor on EX Duck, give him +4 or at least +3 on crouch jab on block, give him a crouch forward that means something and improve the range of his st. roundhouse. 2 or 3 of those 4 and he will be perfectly fine.

The changes to make him better at the kind of playstyle he is designed for require the SF4 game engine to be different, so you might as well make him a better footsie/frame-trap character.

Ultra 1 has no projectile invincibility at all, it has the same invincibility frames as U2 which is like frames 1-8 completely invincible.


Keep them coming, you could also disagree/agree with some of the buff on the list provided with an explanation. This thread should be done in 3 days MAX since we’re already kind of late to the ver 2012 party.

And if anyone wants to do the introduction in my place feel free, I didn’t even start yet and I don’t think I will until the very last min since I’m not the most knowledgeable Dudley here, it doesn’t have to be long at all. Just point out the obvious flaws.


Crouching forward needs to be 6. It is not a good low at all and the only benefit is hard knockdown. I would take a 10 damage nerf if it had faster start-up. Make step-straight have a bigger vertical hitbox so it can hit people who throw out stuff like crouching jabs. What I really want though are the things I mentioned.

Oh God, crouching forward is actually 10 frame start-up? Damn that is freaking awful. Also, don’t bother with Thunderbolt. That move is god-awful in every game it has been in and Dudley doesn’t need it for anything. There’s a reason it was canned in 3s.


If the Devs decide to change the input to a motion command then I’ll think it’ll have some uses with the current buff/fix it received.


I disagree only because it has ridiculously slow start-up and horrible recovery. You have more than half a second to realize someone did Thunderbolt and do something about it. Then you have about a third of a second to think of the best combo you want to put on LiangHu BB’s cool moments before you have to do it. If they made it like Oni’s smash your head with my evil karate chop special move, it would be awesome.


All I want is a fast cr.MK. Making it 6 or 7 frames of start up would improve Dudley’s ground game enormously.

Also, I saw some footage of the new n. jump FP. While it was not a buff we were looking for, it seems to be a very, very good air to air now. So, lets not complain too much about that one.


It’s too slow to punish fireballs. Changing from charge to whatever won’t solve that.

We don’t have to bargain either so it’s not like “It’s either fix Thunderbolt so they don’t fall out or cr.MK” just name shit you think would help.

I don’t even really care since most of the loctest stuff is more than likely final, just bump this back up for AE ver.3 and see if we still need any of this.


Motion thunderbolt would make Dhalsim Dudley almost 3-7. He’d never be able to throw a Yoga fire.



Dudley starts at 18:10

Short swing blow is still ass, gets punished by Focus Attack everytime. It definitely needs armor break propriety.

So it seems like the first 5 hits of Dudley’s Ultra 1 hits faster now before the ultra locking animation.

nj.HP seems to pretty decent.



Holy fuck at Juri’s forward dash while she has her Ultra 1 activated, it’s almost Makoto’s forward dash.


Dudley starts at 0:20

Nothing to see here.


Nothing to see here except this Dud trying to test out his new buffed jump normals.


Cross Counter is fine, better than Third Strike since I don’t think Dudley takes CH damage
If SSB gets armor break, I definitely want hitstun bonus instead of knockdown on CH
co-sign less pushback from CH duck straight (even though you can use duck upper when they FA last hit on CH links to stHK fyi)

watches vid
He used SSB after the FA started twice lol, he deserved that. SSB armor break, all they’ll do is jump HK into pain to punish missed ones. I just want that shit safe on block so anyone dumb enough to sit there and block eats the chip. It’s just way too risky atm for me 0 or -1 on block please ;;
RT didn’t get faster, check out the clock the video is just sped up through the Ultra lol
Damn that njHP buff is looking good >
> Hope it lets me start stun combos easier off of nj HP


Speaking of thunderbolt I tested out his thunderbolts just now.

Every non EX version of thunderbolt gets beaten clean by air to air on it’s way up and on it’s way down. Every character can also anti-air it on its way down without a problem (it doesn’t even trade). You can DP it, Ultra it on wake up.
You have eons of years to decide weather to block it (lol auto correct block) or evade it then punish it. You can also Focus back dash cancel the first hit out of it (armor break please). It’s untechable when hit on the ground, but is teachable when hit in mid-air.

The Ex thunderbolt seems to either stuff or trade the opponent’s anti-airs and is untechable when hit in mid-air. But it still loses to air to air on it’s way up and on it’s way down if timed correctly. It whiffs on most casts on wake up.

Well yeah I agree Dhalsim not being able to freely throw fireballs anymore, but a decent Dhalsim with his fireballs + normals completely shut downs any attempt of Dudley from getting in.

Also it would be great if the first 3 hits or all the 5 hits of Dudley’s Ultra 1 gets a projectile invincibility buff to nail down guile,dhalmsim,chun’s fireballs and ultras.