Old and new Drawings thread


Like it says up top, here’s where all the old and new stuff will be. Starting off is some of the old. I’m sure a lot of you remember this one.



Here’s another one.



Some black and white pics, starting off with something not quite human.



Here’s another B&W for the thread. This one is pretty self explainitory. Enjoy.



Here’s another color pic. I’ll put the model up later.



Here’s the model. Yep, a few differences, but you’ll notice those.



Here’s the next cyborg animal. This time it’s a wolf.



very nice stuff you got there! i didn’t know that you could draw this good. :slight_smile: keep up the good work!!


Glad you liked it RS. :smiley: I’ll be updating this area soon so keep watching.



Here’s a picture of another cosplayer by the name of Ichigo. Enjoy.



Here’s another color one. Kind of old but good.



Some nice work there Starhammer!! I really like the Cyberwolf :cool:



Thanks. More cyborg animals will be coming as soon as I can fix my scanner. Naturally the only part of the machine I want working is the part that doesn’t.



Thats tight dude, if you got anymore chicks be sure to drop me a line.


No prob. More will come as soon as I can get the scanner working again.



Interesting… all of your works are pretty good!!!


Great JOB!!!


Thanks! :smiley:



your starhammer transformation pic is very awesome!! i like it alot :smiley: the special effects fit very well too


Thanks. :smiley: That one is the big effect pic of the group for now. Working on some more for later.



Here’s the latest B&W. Another schoolgirl pic that I got done while at work. The color version will be coming sooner or later.