Old Anime Suggestions


shura no toki is pretty dope.


lmao! lol @CharlieMurphy trolling the GD hard.

dude…saint seiya is #2 shonen series ONLY after DBZ.
how can you not watch that…and how is watching the first episode a good way of judging a series?
kenichi…hnk…voltron 1st season…dude…watch voltron lions that isn’t edited and see how graphic violent it is…wtf is up with that list?

oh yeah…and super robot red baron is like dbz fights mixed with gundam mecha.
and Tenchi Muyo is only good when the crew is still in space fighting/being space pirates.
the secons they land on earth the show turns into a dating/romance anime…


To be honest, I don’t remember much of the 1st season of Saint Seiya, lol, I was 4
but mid-way and 2nd season there is a fight and FINISH after every episode
plus the movies have like 6-7 fights in them
Fenix Minds fuck the shyt outta people…
all the people fight for different reasons (outside of being a protector)

and i <3 the thought of a modernized world w/o modernized weapons… most of the fighting takes place outside these areas (like dbz) but the damage scale isn’t a vast.


I saw *“Old Anime” *and was like, “AW YEAH, GONNA MENTION SUM VAHTUMS N SUM ANGEL CAWP N SHIT.”, then as I began to scroll down, I began to get more, more and more disappointed.

That’s what I get for thinking people would want something from the 80s. Excuse me while I go back to doing another recap on Dougram.


Votoms too good for this thread, imo.


lol i watched saint when i was younger, that shows gay as fuck… never watched voltron lions… good reason for that.

after your first two misses imma not bother looking at the rest.

Charlie Murphy passes away after battle with Leukemia

Angel Cop is NOT a good example of old anime wtf.




^ That.

Also Tomino shit.

Mobile Suit Gundam
Zeta Gundam
Space Runaway Ideon.


Chojin Locke AKA Locke the Super Power
Project A-KO
Urusei Yatsura

If you’re not an Anime purest:

If you are:
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
The Southern Cross
Genesis Climber


Blue Sub No.6
the Mobile Force Patlabor OVA
Darkside of Tokyo
Shadow Skills
Ranma 1/2


I don’t know what the fuck you watch, but Angel Cop is a great example.

It’s plot wasn’t “ZOMG AMAZING” but the action scenes in that series were pretty fucking badass. Aside from vampire hunter D, that’s probably the only series I ever saw someone literally just make someone’s body explode.

And the fucking way the chick did it was amazing, along with many other deaths in the series.

So I don’t know what you’re on about with the nit-picking.


Angel Cop is the perfect anime. Robots, random espers, heads asploding. And gratuitous violence. All it needed was some tentacles and lolis being split in half by horse weiner weilding ninjas and it would have been perfect.


Hiroki Hayashi directed the 4th episode of the original BGC and was responsible for that crappy remake. He’s also the guy who directed Tenchi Muyo. I’m amazed that it was so bad. They should have just had Masami Obari direct it. He’s the guy who directed episodes 5&6 as well as the Fatal Fury OAVs.

I’m a bit confused on this one. There are lots of versions of Devilman and Cutey Honey. Couldn’t plug into to the original TV series of either one. Devilman OVAs were good, and Shin Cutey Honey and Re-Cutey Honey were entertaining, but the rest? Couldn’t do it. Devilman Lady was also a let down, especially compared to the original manga.


Remake was saddled with too much late 90’s baggage (themes, music), which was an ill fit for the series.




Don’t forget the rampant antisemitism in the uncensored Japanese original that would have made the Fuhrer proud.


Wow shame on all of you. How could none of you suggest:


THE greatest F’n anime of all time! I hope the reason is that it simply goes without saying or I missed someones post.


My favorite anime are

Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Death Note
Desert Punk
DBZ/DB (no fuckin GT)
Yu Yu Hakusho
Rurouni Kenshin
Miyazaki Flicks
G Gundam

mWe Dubs > Real anime tho :rofl:


It wasnt worth mentioning.