Old Arcade Fighter

I have foregotten this old arcade fighter i use to love as a kid, it was a fighter with animals and dinosaurs, you could be kingkong a t-rex or some just plain monsters. Does anyone here remember what game I am even talking about, i just want to remeber the name if anyone here could help me out that would be great

Did it have some sort of blob in it? :rofl:

But seriously, that sounds like Primal Rage, except that game only includes dinosaurs and giant apes. No “plain monsters”, except maybe for Vertigo.

Primal Rage most likely.

yeah it was primal rage, and yeah they were all dinosaurs i havent played it for like 10 years i was 6 i didnt remember it very well. Thank you so much

Could it be king of the monsters 1 or 2?

edit* woops guess I fail


Well the OP did say “monsters” so you’re close enough :wgrin:. I completely forgot about that game, those we’re the good old days.


Primal Rage was not the first game to have UOH, it was KI I am almost certain.

Mike Watson


i did enjoy vertigo
goddamn dhalsim of pr

Every week we have a thread like this, every week I think the same thing as soon as I read the topic title. That shit became a SRK Fighting Discussion forums meme on its own