Old chun?

I saw some people using o.chun, what are the reasons in choosing her?

I was also puzzled of this when I passed a few arcades on my trip to Japan. HSF2 or ST, O.Chun (SUPER) was widely used which was not the case before HSF2 came out, it looks like they discovered a few things about her lately.

I have no idea why anyone would use O.Chun. Compared to N.Chun, she is shit garbage.

Unless there’s some crazy technique I’m not aware of…

I think it has to do with the better priority of jump short, but after watching Pete (Supaman) fucking people up with New Chun’s j short it didn’t look that much different.

New Chun is as good or better in everyway.

The only thing O. Chun has over N. Chun is that you don’t get accidental df+roundhouse/forward.
She also has a better sbk but it’s kind of a moot point when you have upkicks which make for a better reversal.

N. Chun has better far st. strong and far st. short (they don’t miss on crouching characters), can charge db while doing j.forward, one of the best supers, can tech throws.

thats a pretty dumb reason to use o chun over n chun.


Otochun using O. Chun v. N. Chun…and winning. Isn’t Otochun one of the better ones in Japan too?

Whoopsie. Fixed. I don’t know who either of those players are. The O.Chun might be Ladios or Ao Chun.

There must be a reason for it. Must have something which ST.Chun doesn’t? Maybe a bigger hitbox on her fireball?

Throws can’t be tech’d? idk…

I think the two reasons are:

-faster walk speed (not sure about this)
-better (invincible?) sbk that seems really good on wakeup. It seems to hit crouching Chun in that vid, as well as hitting her as it switches sides (think 3S Akuma rh hurricane vs crouchers)

Not true, see wiki… :wink:

Its all about the SBK. O.Chun’s SBK has a nice amount of invincibility and, unlike N.Chun, it actually hits in the first few frames. It has a nice large hitbox on both sides of her as well. Works well as a wake-up, reversal, and AA. N.Chun’s upkicks just loses and trades with way to many moves (and also is much easier to wiff). Makes playing a turtling, zoning game with her easier.

On AE and ST I mainly use O.Chun over Super just because I’m so used to incorporating her SBK into my gameplay as a reversal / AA. Also some people might not like hitting down-toward for her flipping neck breaker. Overall having her super is still probably the way to go, its just too good (and S. strong is too good a move as well).

She might have some more interesting hitboxes on some of her moves.


I have to try her out.

What are some BnBs, same ticks probably.

I seem to clearly remember that a lot of O.Chun’s B&B combos that use S. Fierce don’t work, due to a difference in the way it works. I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it’s one of - or a combination of - three things:

  1. Close S. Fierce activates from much farther distances with O. Chun, causing a Close S. Fierce to come out every time after say, a C. Forward - and consequetially whiff every time.

  2. S. Fierce hits high only - I seem to remember this being true with Chun in some versions of SF2.

  3. S. Fierce doesn’t hit when too close - I seem to also remember this being true in older versions of SF2, although I doubt this would be a cause of O. Chun’s B&B’s not working.

I suppose naturally, you could use C. Fierce, but C. Fierce is a HELL of a lot harder to link than S. Fierce…

I think old chun is much better vs Vega(claw dude) than new chun

-wake up sbk is wayy better against vega’s crossup BS than new chuns upkicks. much safer and harder to punish compared to her up kicks, which gets beaten/avoided pretty easily. also since it crosses over and hits even ducking opponents on the last hit, vega loses his charge for the flip kick.

-better priority on her jumping kicks, especially jumping lk, and j.mk. vega is prolly has the best air to air in the game. chun comes close but the added priority from old chun makes her harder for vega to catch

-close fierce coming out from further distance is pretty useful vs vega. its a pretty decent anti air against his wall dives and has a fat juicy hitbox.

yeah, the super might be a big loss, but just how are you going to land this on vega who is going to be all over the place.

I just wanna add that I was messin around with meaty close fierce (both Chuns) few days ago, and it’s seriously the meatiest attack I have ever seen in any SF version…it’s fuckin retarded how meaty it is (no homo)…