Old DOA xbox stick question

Hey guys, I have a doa 4 hori stick that has attack button inputs that don’t work. I opened up the stick and saw that one of the wires was not connected to the circuit board. Here’s a pic below. The wire is on the top right corner.

I’m not really sure what to do right now. I tried putting the wire close to where I think it used to be and pressing attack buttons, but that didn’t work. For some reason though, when I move the wire around that area I get random roundhouses coming out. Is there anyway I can still fix this? I was hoping to give this to a friend. Thanks.

Seems like it’s only a loose connection. Can probably just solder it back into place.

Can I just try to away the soldered part and glue the wire in, or tape it?

It have to be soldered to make a good electrical connection


Gluing it in is going to guarantee it won’t work. The glue will prevent the signal from getting into the board.
Taping it will work for all of like 2 seconds. Basically it’ll be the same as when you were moving the wire around trying to get it to work, and the slightest bump will mess everything up.
You can probably find somebody to solder it for you fairly easily. If not, or you want to try it yourself, you can get a soldering iron and some solder for 25$ish

Alright. Thanks for the help guys. I don’t really know much about joysticks, nor do I have a soldering iron, so I think I’ll just ask if I can get someone to fix it. Thank you very much, I appreciate the help guys.

No problem man. Good luck getting it fixed!