Old English can kiss my rear

For my History class at Uni, I have to read some document called “The Trial of Anne Hutchinson”. And holy ****, it’s full of the most indecipherable old style of English where I can’t follow anything the historical figures are talking about. I stopped reading halfway through because reading any further wouldn’t have done me any good. And I fear there may be many more historical documents to read and answer questions on for this class that are equally hard to understand. Are there places on the internet that attempts to translate these things into modern English??

how long is it? if it isn’t too long, post it up and i’ll translate it, or at least tell you what the author means.

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Upon googling the document, I found it posted here:

Trial and Interrogation of Anne Hutchinson (1637)

All I understand from it is that a women is being convicted of saying something harmful about the church and/or god, and inquiring why.

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christ, this will take a bit.

a lot of the conversation is straightforward. are there any passages or sentences you don’t understand in particular?

bah, nevermind. It’s not as if I expect a forumer to all this just for me.

thats the spirit.

lol i’ll do it. what parts don’t you get?


Ok. For starters, what does this mean: “In entertaining those did I entertain them against any act (for there is the thing) or what God hath appointed?”

do you need this immediately or anything? I have to go to class now but i can decipher this by 8 i’m sure.

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Hm i’ll try though : )

I think the fact that the person talking is separating what he or she thinks is objectionable from what God thinks is objectionable is key. But then again i would really like a coma after the ( )'s.


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She’s asking if she broke any law.

Ok, what about:
“Ey Sir in the Lord. (Gov.) This honour you have broke in giving countenance to them.”

you have broke this honor (in this case, the commandment “respect thy father and mother”) in tolerating or showing approval to them.

first thing you asked, yes similar to what djajsta said. more specifically, in relation to the second thing you asked (which immediately prefaced the first) did she, by showing approval to “them” and not doing anything else (by else I mean directly break a law, like killing someone) did she really break a commandment (commandment is what God appointed.)

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