Old Epic Matches Thread e.g. Hayao vs YSB

I thought I would start a thread for those epic match ups between uber level players. I mean matches like Hayao vs YSB, Fujiwara vs Kokujin, Kuroda vs Daigo.
Footage of those matches seem to be rare and I think we should put together a collection on this thread.
I have seen the Hayao YSB mirror match and I am trying to upload it.

For now I have found these two epic matches. Hopefully we can relive many epic moments in this thread

Kuroda vs Hayao (Hugo mirror on online edition)
Kokujin vs Fujiwara (Ultimate Dudley mirror match)

nm what i said these are great.

This doesn’t seem like Roshi. He’s not the type to swerve and then swerve again in the same post. That second match is good though.

His name is an anagram though.

…fffuuuuuck you’re right D8

I’ve never seen Kuroda vs. Diago does it exist?