Old EVO/SBO dvds?

Hi, I thought that buying the old dvds would be a great idea. Although I can’t find any, not on eBay or anything (might’ve used the wrong search words though…)

Anyone know where I could lay my hands on some of these dvds?
And also, shipping worldwide?
Should I just forget about this maybe?

Nah, every now and then you will see some people selling their old Evo DVD sets on here. You’re really not going to find these anywhere else. As for SBO DVDs, seems like Play-Asia no longer stocks SBO DVDs older than 2007 (They still stock all the 2007 DVDs) even though some of them are still available directly from the manufacturer.

You can still buy these SBO DVDs straight from Enterbrain:
SBO '03 Vol. 2
SBO '03 Vol. 3
SBO '04 Vol. 3
SBO '06 Vol. 3

The rest you might be able to spot at auction. Kinda weird that there aren’t that many on Ebay anymore. There used to be more for sale. Here is one of the few SBO '06 Vol. 1 You should try searching for ‘Tougeki’ when you look for SBO DVDs.

buy a premium account on the forum and u can get the past evo games.

what as single downloads?

Yeah buy prem and you shall have your questions answered :tup: