Old fanfics recovered - stand alones, even


They’re pretty much self contained, so no worries about “When’s it going to end?”

If you don’t mind, please critique. Detailed yay’s & nay’s are appreciated.

These were written back in 2001. I’m only now getting them up on the net now. I used to have KOF vs SF fanfic during the late 90’s, that stuff is gone, sadly. I’m starting to write again, and would like to see how my old stuff was…



“No Rush” is a piece focusing on Terry & Mary. Has Ryo, King, and others.

“Preperation” is a piece about Billy Kane. It was to be part of a KOF vs SF fanfic series, but I never got around to making the rest. Good enough to stand alone, I think.


Just added one more.

“The Last Will and Testament of Geese Howard.”

Any feedback on any of the fics would be greatly appreciated! :smiley: