Old games worth playing? (cvs2 and super turbo)


Hey guys! I play a bunch of SSF4 and I love the game but to me I just play it to pass time. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go to tournaments. However, a game like CvS2 or Super Turbo I’d definitely be down for it. The problem I’m sort of facing is though, do these sorts of games even have any form of life anymore? I have been playing ST and CvS2 by myself for the last 2-3 months or so. I’ve never even owned a stick and I’m actually going to go out of my way to get one for these games. It’s going to be a bit of a bummer if I never get to go to a CvS2 tournament because I believe it’s just an amazing game all around plus all the hours I spent watching tournament videos, training mode, learning combos and characters would feel kinda like a waste.

Also I live in the New York area and I’ve heard a lot about the next level arcade. Anyone know if they have CvS2 there? or any Super turbo tournaments? I’ve done a little research and it seems as if they have an event once in a blue moon with CvS2. Maybe I should just keep my eyes glued to their events page or something lol.


ST is alive and kicking I know, I doubt it will ever truly die out, there’s been ST revivals at EVO and there’s been ST at some of the major tournies leading up to EVO. ST and CvS2 forums are still active, and people play ST on GGPO. I’ve seen an ST cab on cam at Next Level so I’m sure people play it (Arturo of teamspooky will stream GGPO ST tournies sometimes).

As for CvS2 you’d would have to ask around if anyone at Next Level if they know of anyone that plays CvS2 and go from there (I know Min of teamspooky loves CvS2). I know LionX of levelup in norcal still uploads japanese tourney vids of cvs2. youtube.com/watch?v=iJULfZcqWbg

Hope I helped.


Play 3rd Strike.

It’s a good game.


I kinda have a love hate relationship with 3S haha.

Thanks a lot Zx-tole! That info really did help a lot!


They usually have Super Turbo casuals at NL, but rarely big tournaments. NYC does have very good ST players, but they tend to not meet at the arcades too often. As far as tournaments go, the vast majority of majors have ST tournaments, and the ST scene is very much alive and well.


I hate how 3rd Strike makes fireballs useless.
In my opinion the fireball game was always something that set the series apart from other fighters, giving it a new dimension.
With that missing, I still think 3S is an ok game, but I prefer every other SF over it.

On topic:

Play whatever you like and is fun to you.
Get GGPO and you’ll always find good players competing in these games, even if you live in a more rural place and have trouble finding an offline community.
I mean the whole point of playing games is having fun.
If SF4 isn’t for you, then SF4 just isn’t for you.


I would have to agree with Art Vandelay as long as the game is fun for you just keep on playing. If you do download GGPO or Supercade along with 3rd strike I would also recommend Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


3S, Garou, CVS2 and ST are all great games.

I would recommend the Samurai Shodown series, that game is footsies the game. Sometimes I think that special moves were put in that game as a joke so that people would try to use them and get killed for doing so.

Play what you want and have fun.


Head to GGPO and you’ll find a bunch of incredible old games. Try em out.

Vampire Savior is one of the most forward looking fighting games ever made. Push blocking, Supers, air dashing, wave dashing, flight, short hops, ground to air dashes, supers, EX moves, guard cancel (alpha counters), recovery rolls, pursuit attacks, magic series chain combos, air combos, super armor, utility moves/supers (dark force), 2 life bars instead of rounds, recoverable white health, etc.

Definitely give Vampire a shot, u won’t be disappointed.


Anyone dismissing 3S for the lack of a projectile game is missing out on a great game. And some of the concepts of 2D space control and projectiles as separate attack vectors still apply, just pick Urien and use Aegis.


of the old Capcom games, you are more likely to find competition for ST and 3S than anything else. this goes for online and offline.

both are far outstripped online by KOF 98 and 2002. you might give those a try on GGPO as well.


Oh my God! I forgot 98 and 2002, please play both games. They are two of SNK’s best titles.



Go there, try out the games. Everyone has their likes/dislikes, their favorites, their views on what is great and what isn’t. That doesn’t matter to u. Try out the games and keep playin’ the one(s) u enjoy the most. Simple.


I’ve never actually used GGPO before. I’ve always used Supercade but it’s probably time I switch over (pretty much most of the requests I get on there are for 3S and I’m pretty much sick of 3S) I’ve always been a fan of 2002 and Vampire but the problem is I’ve never actually met anyone in person that actually plays those games.


What about sfex2p? I personally think it worth a shot.


Play 3rd Strike. It’s a good game.


For the region you’re in, you’ll have the most active competitive scene for the following 90s capcom games:

Super turbo, 3s, CvS2

I want to say marvel 2 just from the sheer popularityit had before something MUST have carried over and followed through but I feel like i haven’t heard any news form those corners in a while.

I personally recommend ST. I dedicated 5 years to specializing in that game (playing almost no other games during that time) and I have no regrets. It is an amazing game the biggest hurdle is the matchup knowledge required though but that won’t kick in till mid level play. After that hurdle the game is the best.

I only within the past 1-2 years started phasing back in other video games.


See Street Fighter scene is like the Magic The Gathering scene. Vintage is like Champion Editoin & Hyper Fighting, Legacy is like Super Turbo, Modern is like Third Strike, and Standard is like the latest version of the Street Fighter Series (currently SSF4AE)




Karnov’s Revenge is another good one that if you can get into it, is fun to play.