Old guy returning


Hey all. I’m 34, haven’t played fighting games since I was a kid (SF (I think this had a different name tho… iirc only Ryu was playable), SF2, Championship Edition and Turbo.) Little bit of intoxicated Tekken 2 in college I guess.

I primarily played in arcades. Only console controller I liked was 6 button Genesis.

Bought a PS4 recently for social gaming when we entertain, gunna buy SF5 for childhood nostalgia/to have a high ceiling game to work at. At a point in life where I don’t want to sit at my PC for that, closed off from my lady etc.

3 questions:

Should I just get an arcade stick or should I see if DS4 works for me first?

What should I do other than read thr newbie stuff here?

Am I too old for the local fighting game scene (I’m in Chicago), i.e is it wierd to see 30 somethings at local tournaments?



Chicago has a scene with a lot of people your/our age (I’ll be 31 this year). They mostly play at Ignite Gaming Lounge on Milwakuee and Elston, or Galloping Ghost in Brookfield.
I haven’t been making it out to stuff a lot but I plan to pick it back up.


Try and get a legit USB Sega Saturn pad, not sure about PS4 compatibility


Thanks for the reply.

I had read a little about the Saturn pads but the impression I got was that they are pricey enough now to be pushing stick prices.

Good to hear that I wouldn’t be the only 30 something :slight_smile:

Ignite looks interesting, and is closeish to where I live. I’ll check it out. Also close to the Elston hacker space…



Ignite’s usual fighting game night is Monday, hence why I don’t make it out there. Need to improve on that. Galloping Ghost I think is more of a Friday thing. Check the tech talk threads for pad advice, I’m not much use since I play on stick.


Ended up ordering a stick (Venom.) The consensus seems that it is serviceable without upgrades. Even if you switch to Sanwa stuff it is cheaper than a Hori or Mad Catz so… I was always about 100 * better in arcades than on consoles back in the day. Think it is probably cause I used sticks from a very young age. Plus, modding is the kind of nerding I enjoy so…

Just bought USF4. Have SFV pre ordered, so I’ll be messing around with the Beta this weekend.

Need to figure out what to focus on that will transfer to SFV.


You should try playing 3rd Strike , I heard SFV plays similarly to 3S in terms of close up game


I’m 34 and returned to fighting games 3 years ago, though I’ve only been playing regularly a couple of month ago.
You’re never too old to do stuff you have fun with.
You can become really good too if you got a good training regime.

For me personally buying an arcade stick was a waste since I’ve been a pad player for 27 years starting with the NES.
For you buying and arcade stick is actually a good idea, since this is how you learned fighting games. Then again maybe you never were that good to build long lasting muscle memory so that’s a question only you can answer.
If you feel uncomfortable playing by using a pad, get a stick. If not play on pad, doesn’t really matter.

Also Daigo Umehara is 34 years old, Alex Valle is the same age, Sako doesn’t get any younger either and I’ve seen a grey haired Guy player demolish people at Evo this year.
So I doubt people will look at you differently just because you’re a grown man.
Fighting games are for people of all races, genders, ages and walks of life.


I’m 23 :slight_smile: but, i know for a fact, half of this community is late 20 year olds/early 30 year olds that can’t get over SF2 nostalgia. XD I think you’re fine.


U should play Fightcade until SFV drops. U can play 3s, ST, Vampire Savior, Alpha 3, Kof98, Kof02, and other old fighting games. Should be able to get your chops up and see your preferences now (which may be different from when u last played).


Whatcha trying to say here?


Don’t mind him.
He likes SF4.


Good to hear other people doing the same thing. (Coming back after years.)

Played some today and it completely felt off until I started using the analog stick for movement input. Glad I ordered a stick, analog felt 100*better than dpad, so I can only assume an actual stick will feel better still. Specifically, with the dpad I couldn’t do endless streams of hadoukens, with the analog stick I could, that sort of thing.

Damn am I bad! :slight_smile:

About the diversity thing – That was one thing cool about watching some EVO videos. Really diverse crowd, race and gender wise.


The closest fighting games [from what I’ve experienced] to 5 is sf alpha series, sf3, kof13 and well, sf2 in some ways.
sf4’s similar but the focus mechanic is prolly the biggest difference, instead of that they give you this kof13/alpha style powerup meter where the properties of your moves change and you can do links normally not possible etc too much explain for me lol it’s one of those systems.