Old Guys Rule: The Master of the Fists

Old Guys Rule: The Master of the Fists

This was his favorite path. Kouryu Street, where many unsuspecting passerby would, as their name suggests, pass by. He hid in the bushes, completely invisible to the naked eye, and waited for prey. It was at least midnight, meaning that prey would be hard to come by, but he hoped.

?Aha! There some sap right now!?
Lo and behold, he saw a figure, obscured by the night?s darkness. But when the shape moved closer, strange things were perceived. It looked like floating gout of fire. The man in the bushes was confused, but waved his imagination off.

?Probably one of those stereotypical gaijin punks,? he thought.

Then he noticed a slight chill around him. It was as if the night had just become darker, the forest scarier, and the gout of flame larger. Then the man?s blood ran cold. The figure, bathed in sunlight, was something not human. A dark violet gi, torn and battered by thousands of fights, flaming hair that defied gravity, tanned skin that was no byproduct of the sun or salons, and crimson eyes that unhinged the soul. The overall feeling was that this was a man? no demon, to be fucked with. The man in the bushes wisely decided that he?d call it a day and scamper back to his home. Yet he was nailed to his place, the aura of this demon held his fascination as well as his horror. The demon didn?t notice him until he passed right next to the spot the thief was hiding. Then he stopped, and the thief?s heart skipped about 36 beats. The demon?s head turned and his eyes glared right at the thief.
(Oh Kami! I?m going to die!)
The ends of the demon?s lips raised a centimeter, and the pools of red narrowed. And then he was gone, down the path to wherever demons go. Unknowing, unwillingly, the thief had just fertilized that one patch of bushes.

He chuckled with no humor. It had been entertaining to do that to people maybe 50 years ago, but now it was old hat. The Path was indeed a lonely one. But that was a small price to pay for what lay at the end. And so he kept going, one foot in front of the other. He had much food for thought. The discipline of Shotokan, and its apex, Anatsuken, had many more followers these days. Admittedly, Gouki could only think of two others who actually wielded a form of Anatsuken similar to his own. Yet even then, theirs was not his pure art. Gouki knew his prime wasn?t gone yet, but he had seriously considered a pupil.
(For if I train a worthy one, then I will be rewarded with the greatest gift of all)
For a man such as Gouki, this ultimate gift was death. But not just death, but a warrior?s death. He wanted to die with the Fight strong in his soul, the smell of earth in his nostrils, and ki coursing in his fists. This was the greatest gift of love between a teacher and his student. Gouki had felt this love before, and did what he could for his master. Everyone knew that Goutetsu had died with a smile on his face. That was pure contentment, and Gouki hungered for it. His brother never understood, and he left the Path to train others. But Gouki would be damned if his brother did not receive the death he deserved, even if Gouki had to drag him kicking and screaming. He loved his brother, and still prayed Gouken would not be mad at him in the afterlife.

Of all the Shotokan fighters he had fought, only the wanderer Ryu had shown the skill recognized as Anatsuken. The rest did not have enough drive; they had too many things cluttering their thirst for the Fight. Ryu had nothing, and gave his all for the Fight. But Ryu was too ensconced in Gouken?s beliefs. He would not wield the Satsui no Hadou.
But once more, Gouki would be damned if he wouldn?t train a student far stronger than even Ryu.

-Outskirts of Tokyo, Japan

Gouki stood atop a grassy knoll, staring out at a sea of lights.
(They forsake the ways of old, and grow fat and weak within their cities. Is their no room for men such as me anymore?)
Gouki?s life was spent traveling and fighting in seclusion, in place where man?s technology couldn?t reach. Staring at those lights, he remembered one particular street fighter. An outlandish getup unsuitable for a fight. Unending and vexating exuberance. And a fervor for Ryu that sickened him. Sakura Kasugano. Beneath that annoying exterior slept a potential for fighting possibly greater than even Ryu. By herself, she learned complicated Anatsuken techniques and held her own against the greatest of World Warriors. But one thing impeded the dream of training her. GOUKI HATED KIDS. Gouki grunted and considered the pros and cons.
(A Satsui no Hadou warrior of unparalleled skill, or the discomfort of being in public and being rejected a sugar-high tween.)
?What the hell.?
And Gouki leapt off the knoll and sailed down to the edge of Tokyo.

A rocketing sphere of blue flew into the distance. Sakura was hot. Even though she had to say in a totally calm mood when invoking ki, the process of using it burned her out. After watching an episode of DBZ she felt the need to practice her hadoken, but with a twist.

A miniature Moses miracle occurred, the force of the ki separating the ocean betwixt it. It was satisfying to watch the waves created form the hadoken, but it got old fast.

?Maybe yelling out hadoken will make the move better. I suppose it?s worth a try, Ryu does it.

Sak did just that, and the results were?

?Meh, doesn?t do anything. Doesn?t Ryu-kun know he?s telegraphing his moves??

Far be it from Sakura to doubt her idol and the champion World Warrior, but she wondered sometimes. Important questions like:

Is he seeing anyone? What?s his favorite color? Does he take baths?

So many mysteries. Sometimes she wondered whether Dan Brown had made a novel about Ryu. He probably couldn?t even get enough subject material for a chapter.



Even though she was a beginner, Sakura could feel the aura. Like Ryu?s but not Ryu?s. Greater, but not so great. But she did know one thing: It was dark.

(She?s noticed me. Good.)

?Who are you?!!?

Gouki uttered nothing, merely flowed into his stance, feet bouncing slowly, right arm to guard the face and upper body, left arm to guard the abdominal and lower areas.

?You wanna fight!? Bring it on evil carrot top!?

Gouki grinned and lept up into the air.


The next thing Sak saw was a tanned heel ramming into her jaw. Sak backed up and sized up her opponent. He wore a black gi similar to Ryu?s, with large prayer beads around his neck and worn sandals on his feet.

?Are you one of Ryu-san?s pupils??

The man chuckled and rushed.

(Gaccckkk!!! He?s fast!!!)

A left uppercut sent her reeling, a single-hit tatsumaki senpuu-kyaku sent her airborne, and a shoryuken imbedded in her her gut and sent her 15 feet into the air. Sak got up slowly coughed up sand and pinkish seawater.

?Are you the one Ryu talks about!? Are you Sheng Long!??

(What did she just say? Who?s Sheng Long? If Ryu has talked about this person, then he or she must be a powerful fighter. I?ll have to investigate this later.)

Once more he went on the offensive. He battered her defenses with numerous punches and kicks, quickly permeating her kindergarten defenses with blows aimed at arteries, temple, and joints. He could almost feel the body breaking down, the blood vessels popping and bleeding. This is true Anatsuken. But the girl fought back. She dashed away and came back with a slopping tatsumaki which grazed his chin, and a roundhouse.

The RH was ducked and her feet relieved of the earth. She got up crouch defending, but Gouki spoiled that with an UOH punch to her jaw, and a vicious axe kick sent back to the earth?s embrace. She got up once more, and ran at him spouting something. He saw the shoryuken motion and prepared himself accordingly. He was surprised when multiple jabs at him in the upper body and a shoryuken ripped into him.


Sakura was huffing and puffing, but her opponent was still fresh, barely having been hit at all. This had to end NOW.

(Go for broke!!!)


But when she flew through the air, she didn?t feel a head being pulverized by her Chucks.


The air exploded over his head. If that had hit, he would?ve been finished.


Gouki leapt and shot out his foot.

The next thing Sakura knew, she was being tossed, turned, and battered like Bush at an unscripted news conference. The edges of her sight became black as she rocketed away from Gouki, still awash in the Messatsu Gou Rasen. As she landed, she only felt one thing: ANGER. Who was this man who beat her so easily? Was all her training worthless? She could see Kei shaking her head disapprovingly.


She all of a sudden felt power, power flooding into her veins.

(I won?t lose! I?LL KILL HIM!)

Sakura charged with a tortured battle cry and swung at the portrait of her misery.

The fist was caught and enclosed in a much larger one. He could see the blood red eyes, sunburned complexion. He could feel the murderous aura. This was what he wanted. This was his new pupil.

(Damnit! Why does this feel so wrong?!)

The other fist was held and his feet placed in a position to stop all kicks before they even started. But she was too exhausted to put up any offense. His grip on her fists was keeping her from collapsing. He felt the aura in her fists.

(Unrefined anger. Like a wild beast. Family and other facets of life cause this. What will be the repercussions of taking this pupil?)

He made a decision.


He placed her drained body on the sand, her shocked face still plastered on.

?When? If? you find your skills to be inadequate, seek me. I will teach you things Ryu never will.?

And with that the carrot top of doom was gone.

One more thing…:

What’s on Gouki iPod?

  1. Rammstien “Reise, Reise”

  2. Wolfmother “Dimension”

  3. Arctic Monkeys “Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick”

  4. Secret Machines “Alone, Jealous, and Stoned”

  5. Coldplay “Clocks”

  6. The Sugar hill Gang “Rapper’s Delight”

  7. Public Enemy “Fight the Power”

  8. De La Soul “Me, Myself, and I”

  9. The Click Five “Pop Princess”

  10. ABBA “Dancing Queen”

very nice story…i wish more stories like this would come more often. 10 out of 10.

Thanks a lot. Feel free to tell how you’d like this story to go further. This is sort of Gouki’s adventures in the SF universe. No real canon-ness here 'cause I might slap a few SF3 and maybe a few EX chars too. Just gimme some ideas and I’ll go for it. Bah, now that I notice it, something’s wrong. I had used line partitions to change from Sak and Gouki’s povs but they didn’t show up. Must fix this…

make one with oro trianning ryu, how then the final fight between gouki and ryu is.

Povs fixed. Oro training, will do:nunchuck:

sweet, and oh i know you will be writing it, but i was wonder if you could add in before the fight between gouki and ryu( the oro trianned one) how maybe one day, after oro had finished trianning ryu and he went to bed, that he sensed gouki near, and then oro goes to meet him, they exchange words, and they fight like how they did in 3s, not under death match rules, but to the limit(shin gouki vs two armed oro, BTW i think that after 3s i believe shin gouki would be stronger than even two armed oro,however it would be a really close fight), the reason being is that gouki wants oro to know what ryu will be up agianst when he goes all out on him, so he is “showing” oro his moves that way oro knows how long, and hard to train ryu.

Love the idea. It’s gonna be one long-ass slobberknocking barn-burner… I hope. The Sak and Gouki fight was a little too short, so I gotta make the next ones longer.

cool, oh and i would like the ending to be ryu holding akuma by his ki, and just before he kills him, they have an exchange of words, and then akuma give ryu his power, and thus you see ryu walking out of dust and his eyes are two different colors, one yellow and one red, and ryu have a new symbol on his back.

BUT it’s your story and i don’t wanna sound like im pushing my ideas on you, so if you don’t like the idea its find, you can do your own stuff, im just pitching ideas to try and help

Gouki dead… Nah. Got a good idea for a symbol on Ryu’s back though.

thats cool, how bout oro dying later by ryu finally beating him, before he fights gouki( agian just pitching ideas)

Sorry, but Oro’s to cool to die:cool: Plus from my own experience in reading fanfiction, character deaths usually turn a story into an all-out emo fest. I once read a Ranma fic where Ukyo was shot to death and left on a hot grill. I cried and hugged a spatula for hours:crybaby:

true but come on, oro is my fav character in the sf3 universe, but i think it’s time for the torch to be passed.

I’ll think about it if you convince/coerce some more people to read my story and post about it. (Crosses fingers behind back)

This story is real good, keep it going…would love to see akuma fight his brother.

So hard to write Gouki vs. Oro fight…

You Can Do Ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!:tup: :tup: :tup:

Rah Rah Rah!

Okay… uploading fic as we speak. Bit of a cliffy, but I wanted to post some today. It’s been so long since my last post, I’ve been feeling really guilty. I’m sorry for taking so long.:sweat:

Anyways, please read and review and I’d like some constructive criticism. Don’t just tell me it’s great, point out my amateur mistakes:arazz:

Old Guys Rule: Unleashed Fury of the Two Fighting Gods

-Somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains:


Sweat dropped in rivulets down a toned body. The liquid passed bulging muscles and veins etched in fleshy stone. This form could carry burdens too heavy for most commercial machinery, but a 2-ton boulder was a little much.

(To be honest, this training is the most intense I have ever gone through, but we have been here for at least a few days)

Sweat began to drop into his eyes, going through the weathered red headband. Ryu was used to these things. To be exact, the weight he was carrying was about 2 tons and 95 pounds. Because on that stone stood another, another whose skin shone like dull gold, in which time was etched in numerous wrinkles and scars, and who had a creepy resemblance to a really old Henry Fonda, at least the author thought. This man held yet another stone, but this did not contribute to Ryus burden. It looked as though the man held a smaller boulder with one finger, which was impressive enough. However, if one looked closely, they could see a small spark of yellow ki. In that frail body was stored so much power, that God, Grandfather Time, or Cronus could tell him to stay down. All his bodily functions and internal working were supported by vast reserves of ki, an idiot savant sort of immortality. That was amazing, but that was not it. This man had faced many of the World Warriors and defeated them. Ryu was not one to brag, but he was one of the best warriors the tournament had to offer, even one of the greatest warriors ever. However, this senins dissecting offense broke his stone defense apart. It was as if the senin flew above his head, pecking away at his head. During this, Ryu had thought the man was not that strong, but when he grabbed Ryu, threw him 50 feet into the air, and slammed him back into the ground flaming and headfirst, he reconsidered.

It wasnt so much his physical form, but his life force was so many levels above what Ryu had ever felt, that muscle was rendered obsolete. Ryu wanted this strength, this strength that was as great as the power from Satsu no Hadou. But like all things in real life and SF, that strength had to be earned.

(Did I have BO?)

While Ryu was thinking of the plans of mice and men, Oros thoughts well, they were more of the birds and bees variety.

(She was pretty cute, but probably not enough for me. Yeah, thats it! But I did get a peek at that nice butt when she threw me though yeah, Id get slammed on the ground to take a look at thatthe ninja getup was kinda kinky wait, was she actually a ninja? From the skill she showed, probably not!)

As Oro laughed to himself, his thoughts traveled back to work.
(Its going to be at least 15 good years of training before that young one can gain my kind of power. Back in the day, the fighting scene just seemed so much fresher. Now nobody wants to become stronger. They are all just satisfied with firing their guns. Nobody cares about the battle beyond the battle. This latest tournament was rather disappointing, but there were a few standouts. I wouldnt have bothered to train this hack if he wasnt decent, and that carrot top guy was better, but too old. That one with the baseball cap had some tricky moves, and that Chinese woman had that broken-as-hell move, but yeah, no candle to me. Sorta sad when youre just too good at 143)


Okay child, lunch time!

Oro popped an apple into his mouth, and tossed another under the boulder he was sitting on.

Problem was, Ryu was holding a boulder. Grabbing something requires the use of at least one hand, for the species of Homo Sapien anyways. This was a dilemma. But before he could even try to grab it, a small turtle grasped the apple in its mouth and trotted away.


-Outskirts of the Himalayas:

Distant rumbles were audible for miles. The locals and most scholars would refer to this as one of the strangest phenomena in seismic history, but it was really just one thing: Gouki training.

Gouki was spent. His limit was still stuck to three Kongou Kokuretsuzan. Granted that was three huge mountains destroyed, but if you think Gouki would be satisfied with that well than you must not know him very well.

Hes here. Hes stronger than before. Training with that sennin no doubt.

At this he smiled. That was one helluva fight. Not since Goutetsu and Gouken had Gouki felt the Fight so strong in his veins. Gouki also felt a connection between him and the sennin. Both had searched far and wide for a suitable pupil, being near the end of their days. But that sennin was at least twice as old as he. If their was one thing Gouki feared, it was going that long without the mortal battle he sought so.

(Maybe here I will find it.)

Gouki bean to climb a steep edifice, traversing into the Himalayas. He did not know where Ryu was, but he would find him. They were bound forever by the rope of fate until one of them cut it.

-6:15 AM, Oros pad/smelly cave

Ryu was bored. Far be it for the legions of fanboys to know, but Ryu did have feelings. And listening to Oros adventures of lecherdom was B-O-R-I-N-G. Long ago Ryu had decided to stare murderously at the turtle that had eaten his lunch from yesterday.

(Maybe we can have turtle soup for dinner)

It could be like training! Ryu would shakunetsu hadoken the thing! Hed get his lunch back digested or not! Ryu did a Mr. Burns pose before Oro smacked him upside the head for not listening.

Gouki was steadily approaching the summit of one of the numerous mountains in the Himalayas. No doubt he would find those two here. He could smell civilization: embers of fire, remains of food, and that distinctive scent of a place inhabited by humans for a long period. This was going to be good. He was excited. In the presence of those two, Gouki would definitely bust out the Shin Gouki badass-ness. It had been too ling since the last time at that tournament. Some good fights there, especially against that wealthy blond gaijin. He wielded a style as deadly as Anatsuken. Not the mortal battle Gouki had been looking for, but close. Rather than kill him, Gouki had just broken his arm. He wasnt worthy of death, but sorta worthy but it didnt matter anyways.

(The idiot fell out of a window! What a stupid way to go)

Hmmm Id say its about time for some real training.

Ryu almost face faulted, thinking that all the training they had done till now wasnt the real training.

Whats happening sensei?

That carrot top is coming.

Carrot top?

Come, Ill show you how a true warrior fights. Oro and Ryu walked out into the morning suns embrace. And what they saw there was darkness.


Why are you here?

Ryus voice was hostile upon seeing his uncle.

Ive come to see how your training goes. I hope youve gotten stronger. As I recall, last time we face each other, your pitiful style was crushed by the true Anatsuken

Ryu boiled with rage. No one insults Goukens style! The style he died for! Ryu stepped and took his stance, seething.

Step back brat. This is my fight.

Oro Ryu turned to argue but Oros one hand was already on his shoulder.

I can understand your feelings, but you are only playing his game. Remember our training, and remember what your style is about.

Ryus shoulder relaxed, and he stepped back. For Gouken, he wouldnt attack in anger.

Oro frowned.

(Apparently he isnt joking around this time. Me neither.)

Oro took out numerous charms from his clothing and removed a pair of sealing prayer beads. He then unraveled the knot, opening his left sleeve. There was an explosion of ki and his left arm appeared, flexing after years of inactivity.

No arms tied behind my back this time.

Gouki too began to change. He went into Horse Stance and raw Satsui no Hadou engulfed him. His skin turned reddish with the flames of the killing art, and his hair the color of bleached bone.

The two super powers stared each other down. From out of nowhere Judge Mills Lane ran between the two warriors.

You cant honestly think Id miss this? LETS GET IT ON!

Lane ran and jumped for cover behind a large rock formation.


Being at max power for the first time in a long time, the two beings did the predictable thing: they blew shit up. Oro leaped and from his hands erupted a sphere of golden whupass. At the same moment Gouki leapt high into the air and came down with a ferocious chop. Oro backstapped as the air pressure blew the rock under him away and Gouki fist created another San Andreas Fault. Oro took to the air again and rained relentless feet upon Goukis head and jumped away. Gouki seized this moment and Ashura Senku-ed to Oro. Oro was about to reach ground but not before Gouki connected with a front kick that ended in an axe kick. Gouki started the rushdown. Gouki descenses from midair with a beeline kick and picked at Oros defenses with light jabs and kicks. Seeing an opening he knocked away Oros left foot with a low front kick, launched him with a tatsumaki, and finished with a three-hit gou-shoryuken. Goukis rush down skills had given him an early lead. Once more he descended, but Oro was ready this time. Before any light moves could be landed, Oro let loose a horizontal chop. With Goukis defense interrupted, Oro launched him with an uppercut. Oro concentrated and a beachball of ki sprouted from his fingers. The ball connected with Gouki form and juggled him painfully in the air. But Oro wasnt done yet. Getting into a stance and focusing ki from both hands, Oro summoned large chunks of debris to his form. When Goukis form returned from the air. Oro sent him back with an uppercut strengthened by the debris. This went on for six times more until the super art ran out and Gouki crashed to the ground. His advantage was gone. But he wasnt out yet. Again he leapt into the sky and descended. Oro, expecting a lunging kick, defended accordingly. But Gouki surprised him as he instead landed with a sliding kick that tripped Oro. Gouki dashed towards Oro and intercepted another chop. Gouki parried it, and summoning his ki, unleashed his newest technique.


Gouki spun upwards wreathed in black flame, Oro along for the unpleasant ride. Numerous blows battered his body until after an eternity Oro was blasted away from Goukis attack. It was even now. Both combatants rushed each other and a maelstrom of fists and feet erupted. Both opponents would block, parry, and receive hits but neither would back away, each desperately seeking an opening to exploit. Oro came at him with an overhead, Gouki parried and struck Oro with an uppercut. Gouki pressed with a lunging fist which was side-stepped and received a kick to the face. Before Oro could attack again, Gouki landed a straight punch to the face. Oro recovered quickly and dashed at Gouki. Oro kneed him in the stomach, then grabbed Gouki with one arm and slammed on the ground side to side. Gouki woke up with a low front kick and a gou-shoryuken. The fight was now at a head. Both raged with raw ki. Oro flashed red and blue and leapt at Gouki like a bird of prey. Gouki floated toward Oro like a ghost on one foot. The two beings met, and everything went white.