Old Irio? Pre-order?


OK, call me crazy, but i could’ve SWORN that in Gamestop, when you saw the BONUS area for this game, it said the 4CD plus the Iori Classic has free for Pre-order… now maybe im mistaken, but i’m pretty sure I saw that, and when i went to check the day I picked it up, it was not there… maybe I imagened the Image of him with his legs straps… maybe not, anyone can verify this please?


When I was at EVO, the announcement of EX Iori said he was a preorder bonus for Japan while everywhere else got the 4 Disc Soundtrack.

Sorry bud, if you want him you have to buy him. If you don’t want to spend 5$ and do not want to play him, that’s cool too.


but why do I remember seeing it in Gamestop page… ahhh, this is driving me crazy, but… oh well, reality is here. I ask you this, Beside Classic Iori, Mr.Karate and Kyo I think, any other characters coming back? what other DLC are coming?


So far…just those guys.


oh, … darn, but I ask you this, you think its worth it to buy DLC if you know in 11 months a new version will come out? cause this is not a sports game where you can keep playing it online knowing more people will be there even with new versions, but KOF is getting better each year, so I find it hard to buy DLC for this type of game(same thing with WWE games, where a yearly game comes out)


It’s 5 dollars and there’s absolutely no guarantee that Atlus and SNKP will be anywhere near as…Hard to find a single word for “Editing a product merely for profit” like Capcom. Anyway, this game’s a bit different. It was out for 2 years in the arcade before it came out on console so we could see them sit and patch for a while.

I think it’s worth it. And I feel that if DLC turns out well, they won’t have much reason to make a new disc except for the convenience of people who already have the content to get it in one go. :slight_smile:


Hmmm. It depends. If you could play against them often with real people and you don’t want to play them, then you could skip out. Personally, it’s worth it for me. KOF was 50$ and 15$ of DLC characters (the three of them) is fine enough. There is no right or wrong answer. Just want you want and what you want to pay.


If I **knew **that a new version/expansion of KoF13 would be coming out in 11 months…I’d still most likely get the DLC before then.
Since I don’t know of an expansion to KOF13…I won’t let that factor in.
If I can afford the DLC…and I fucking want it…I’ll get it and play all day.


good answer, Capcom corrupted my little innocent mind, with UMVC3 hahahaha, I do love that SNK doesnt take it out every year, but I do hope(if they planning to make a new one…KOF XIV… they wait atleast 2 years), and for DLC I do want Iori, he was my boss in 2001, but I would love and i need her is Blue Mary! dont know why she didnt appear :frowning: she is supremely good(not for pro tournament with my skills) but she is always good, but would also love to see
Kasumi or Todo
Xiangfei(2001 version)
and Classic Kensou (from 2002 um Classic mode)
Kyo-2(kof 99)
but thinking about it, i doubt they would do that, but never hurt to dream hahaha. thanks again.


Well, his theme is in the game. Maybe he WILL be a DLC in the future.


Only the Asia version of the game has the free Classic Iori DLC which works day one:


The 4-CDs preorder bonus was only for all non Asia territories, which you cannot get anymore, however the Free DLC is still up for grabs until December 1st.


I’m tired of hearing all these people saying they want Geese in but don’t know shit about playing with him in the slightest.


so? people cant like the character and pick him up for fun?


Of course. Nothing wrong with that. But in these threads, and outside of, people always want what’s not included. Like in KOF XI, some of the same dudes that claimed they wanted Geese back in 2003, didn’t even use him when they put him in console port of XI. In XI it was somebody else, like Rock Howard. Always Rock Howard, until he’s in and then they’ll want Bob Wilson. I’m not being a dick, it’s just a personal annoyance from some of the people I know.


excuse me mister god of geese, i know how to use him well, so please, reframe from such comments, and everyone is in titled to ask for any character they want, they know how to use or not, so please, be nice.


Haha “Mister God of Geese”.



thanks, and sorry for bad spelling, i was waking up to checking emails to see this… O_O I was like, “oh hell with this!”, and I agree with you, most people want more out of games, even if they don’t know of it, what I mean is, some people (like myself and maybe you and other select few) really want a certain character in a game cause we adore them, but people see it as a means to follow it, it’s like a flock epidemic, but still Geese would be a great addition, but who I truely want Blue Mary, Xiangfei from 2001 and if possible but i know its not, its **Kevin Rian, **in Garou he was my dog! explosive madness! but oh well, I AM CONTENT! with the game, but a DLC with Blue Mary and Kevin Rian(since they’re relative[kinda]) would be so much appreciated, but they better have here M.Rose Typhoon. and Clark should get his tackle back :slight_smile: i ask to much i know.