Old Kenny showing signs of age




I have been playing Ken since the early 90’s, and while the rest of my Street Fighting has progressed recently, it has exposed my rickety Ken for the lame duck in my current line up that he is.

My current team is usually Vega, Ken, Blanka-R2 and my Ken has mostly been getting wiped up. I can blame it on the general tactics I use with him, because whereas with Blanka and with Vega I have a coherent strategy with Ken my only real tactic is to try and cross the opponent over and combo. Even if they can’t block the crossover well, I get absolutely killed jumping in. (a bit of backstory - the first serious street fighting I did on a console was the Genesis in college and the group of friends I played with and I all had instituted a set of house rules which severely frowned on using cr. Fierce as anti-air - calling it the poor man’s dragon - or any normal anti air for that matter. As you can imagine the playing style this engendered was extremely jump-happy as the only way you would get punished was from a dragon punch or something similair. I’ve realized that in the Street Fighter wild there are plenty of people perfectly willing to sit back and wait for me to jump in and hit cr. fierce of their character’s equivalent. While I don’t respect that kind of play, I have come to accept that it exists and to look for ways to beat it, but my Ken is having a hard time)

I know that I am going to need to redevelop his game from the ground up so my question would be - can someone recommend some Ken strategies for a crossover-happy old schooler?
Some basic building blocks that I can work into a game would be great.



from your team it looks like you play K, A, or C groove…that leaves you two options…JD it in K, or RC the funny kicks in C or A. You gotta understand ken doesn’t have an overpowing jump in move, so your best bet for jump ins is after you score a knockdown…in that case u could cross up and do some nasty ass guard damage or if they don’t block it, go into whatever combo you do from your crossup. to be frank…there is no way a ken is ever going to beat a s.fp by hibiki or a c.fp by geese, s.rh by rock, the list goes on…he just can’t beat them, not many people can:lol: u juss gotta get ur ground game tyte with rc’ed funny kicks. btw, i didn’t mention cuz i doubt ur in k, i think ur in C, but if you are in k, you can use your small hop to your advantage, or try to have a MINI poke war…ken loses to full out poke wars, just make them think ur going to get into one then jump, they might be to in to the poke war to throw their standard AA out in fear they might do it to late and get hit, which MUST lead to a lot of damage…because if you don’t make them pay for mistakes…they can do risky things that can sometimes really pay off, lot of talkin, hope it helped


That was very helpful, thank you - and feel free to ramble on.
I guess I really just have to abandon jumping in and wait for a knockdown to try the crossover. As for RC’ing the funny kick, not sure exactly what you mean, but I play alot on XBL and I don’t think RCs work there. Is the funny kick the special move which comes in three flavors of kick button?

I do use C groove, but perhaps should switch to K - or maybe switch to Akuma :rolleyes:


The funky kick u wanna use is hcf+lk. One tip for u is to not jump so much. It seems to me like u need to improve your ground game. Just use a lot of pokes to work your way in. The only high priority jump in that the shotos have is jumping fierce, but u have to be at the right distance to beat a high priority anti air. If u use jumping fierce at the right distance it should beat out all normal anti airs.

Use s.lk when in close as a poke, use s.roundhouse when far, and use hcf+lk to build meter and to poke from mid range

BTW, add me to your friendslist on XBL my gamertag is: chemistren82


Well, we had a couple of matches but the lag was incredibly bad.
What is the advantage of using the s.lk as a poke btw?


s.lk is used for pressure and u can get a lot of counter hits (counter hits do more damage and give u a frame advantage). Plus it stuffs a lot of attacks from your opponent. For example if u play against a sagat player who likes to use c.fierce when u r close then start using s.lk, u’ll stuff the c.fierce everytime.


Yea I actually heard that from people back in the day when I first started playing CvS2 (my first SF type game that I played with any seriousness). And um, when people told me that shit, I was like, fuck you, I’ll use cr FP anyways. What type of dumb stupid ass shit is that to say, don’t use cr FP or any normal as antiair? That is fucking retarded. What am I supposed to do? Let your scrubby non-thinking ass jump all over me and cross me up over and over? Why so you can be cool and combo? Its fucking retarded. Every single person who has mentioned that rule to me turned out to have a shitty ground game. Whereas I didn’t even play ST with too much seriousness, and my poking game there has gotten better by actually playing a game without these bullshit honor codes which give people an excuse to be shittier.