Old Magneto reset



I think its old, this video seens old…


Ive looking for the reset that J. Wong try to do at 0:10, and hit at 0:48… How to do this? Just ROM, dash under, normal jump(straight up) + Hk + assist?? Ive trying this way, but Hk misses…
How to block it? Is this too hard to block? Ive watched Yipes doing this on Sentinel a lot of times (in different matches) and people never block…


or jump up back (from where you dash from)

well…it’s a high on the side you dash to. it’s that simple, block it standing.

it’s more reliable hitting it on sent.


I can do it sometimes now… I think I need to jump when Magneto is under the opponent, so the HK hits ( I tried and done few times in training mode)… and Its much easier in big characters such as Jug, Sentinel…
Thanks very much beatsofdevil for answarer my question!