Old man assaulted by teen group, man kills one of them and gets no time

*A 65-year-old man who was knocked off his bicycle by three teenagers on a Pennsylvania trail shot two of them, killing one, police said according to reports.

The Reading Eagle newspaper said the wounded teen, 16, was taken to hospital and the third, age 15, was taken in for questioning and was later sent to a youth center.

The paper said the mother of the slain boy, 16, asked officials not to release his name until she had been able to tell other members of the family what happened.

The incident happened on the Thun Trail near a bridge over the Schuylkill River, between Reading and West Reading around noon Wednesday. According to WGAL.com, police said the boys knocked the man off his bicycle in an apparent robbery attempt.

“There was one juvenile who was shot and is deceased [and] another juvenile who was shot and is in surgery,” Police Chief Jed Habecker said, according to a report by the WFMZ-TV station.

According to police, the 65-year-old was riding his bicycle when the teens knocked him to the ground, the station said.

Police said two teens then assaulted the man, who drew his gun and shot them.

The man was released by police after they consulted with District Attorney John Adams late Wednesday, WFMZ reported.*


Looks like there is some hope left in the world when the courts aren’t letting little shithead teens get away with assaulting someone. Between this and the Saavedra case, my hope in the legal system is restored a little bit.



Another reason every civilised nation should allow concealed carry.

I applaud this.

But still really bugged by that Megaupload dude getting 50 years and the rapist/murderer/beheader getting 20.

For what, self-defense?

It’s the old mans fault tbh. He should’ve done some somersaults and landed some kicks after they knocked his bike over.

wow this is crazy. This just goes to show you don’t mess with people. you never know what will happen…

Fuck them dumb ass kids.

I hope this lays a precedence for future self-defense killings.
I’m tired of people killing intruders in their house and going to prison.

What 65 year old rides a fucking bike?

One who wants to stay in shape.


That was a troll picture. No verdict has been reached yet. Actually, hasn’t even gone to trial.

he should have killed all three, payback is a bitch and if they were willing to knock an oldman off his bike for shitz n giggles.
187 in the making.


Roll cancel into wakeup?

You all know this is true lmao. But seriously, it’s nice to see the justice system back off of this trend of overprotecting criminals. I know that they’ve still got rights, but so do we.

This story is such a downer.

In a perfect world, the teenagers would have simply been blocking the bridge, and then the old man would voluntarily dismount from his bicycle and challenge them to a Pokemon battle!

I love it when bad people die.
ESPECIALLY when they are punk teenagers.