Old MAS stick - fitting Sanwa/Seimitsu parts

I’m planning to gut my old DC/PSX MAS and swap it with a Cthulu + 360 PCB, so I figured while I’m at it, I could swap out the stick/buttons for some Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. My only concern is the possibility of the buttons fitting. I know depth would be a problem with the material MAS uses, but I was trying to figure out if the diameter for these are going to make it impossible to fit. From what I’ve been reading, they are slightly different in diameter and I wanted to know whether I should just stick w/ the Happ parts or not.

Happ and sanwa/seimitsu use different bases. I have yet to find a universal mounting design (Madcatz TE doesn’t have this, despite Killian’s interview). I don’t think such a thing exists, to be honest.

It may be easier to just buy another shell, otherwise you’ll have some woodwork to do in you want to fit the JLF-P1 or Seimitsu ‘SS’ mounting plate on a MAS shell.