Old news to share

hey i just found out the higher off the ground u do oro’s air throw the more damage it does… thats pretty cool

edit: addition

on second thought, normally on a ryu it does 26 points of damage but while training the super art 2 reset in the corner, when i go to throw ryu while he’s parrying the super off the reset it’ll have inconsistant damage, but i think the damage itself is based off the distance of the ground ryu is being thrown from.

are there any other moves that give damage benefits based on height or distance of where the move is done from?

dunno, if you have a dreamcast, check out chuns or ibuki air throw?

i once saw when ibuki’s air throw did more stun than usual when you catch them just before they hit the gound (they jumping back and you follow them…example… usually after you parry thier attack when they are in the air jumping back…think jump back roundhouse… and you are trying to catch them in the air still with a throw after you parry them) where as half their body is literally under the ground and the other half above. done it a couple of times and noticed different stuns… plz check out some one?

It may have something to do with the fact that damage (but not stun) still scales in a reset as if it was a combo.

so even if ryus parrying the multi hit fire ball and the “would be damage” that ensues scales the damage still if he wasnt being comboed?

it sucks that after an opponent parries in the air the scaling still carries over…

but i dont think thats the case because to launch ryu i did the same combo every time… standing strong and then crouching fierce canceled into orb. the opponent was ryu and i had the dummy setting to auto parrying, i hit him up at the start up frame for his jump (he was also on continuous jump).

if the combo scales it was getting random damage then because i hit him with the same three hits every time, the orb never hit because he reseted and immediatly parried the orb.

i still think the height u throw him from makes the difference in damage, not the combo done prior.