Old old stick mod question


I recently just dug out my Hori Fighting Stick PS (yes, for PS1. HPS-07 model) and I want to drop some new buttons into it. It has a pretty specific wiring harness to it and I don’t really see compatible buttons online. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The buttons look like this


Post pics of the harness, cass and PCB. I am guessing it would be possible to cut the wires harnesses off and add Quick disconnects to them, but only if the wires are long enough and if there is enough clearance inside the case.

If so then you can get your Standard 30mm buttons compatible assuming the holes are 30mm diameter and not 28mm like other hori sticks.


I’ll put them up later today for you to take a look at. Thanks


Those buttons use contact pads, don’t they? Remember similar from my FS2.

If it’s like the FS2, button holes are 28mm, but can easily be enlarged with a file/dremel.


right. a board sits bellow each button and the pads hit the board. ever see it before?


Here are some more pictures if it helps anyone help me…


Ah yes,

That’s exactly like my old Sega Saturn Hori stick!

The only difference I could see from yours is that they added an extra button for “Select” on the PCB. Sega controllers never had “Select” buttons on them. Otherwise, the insides were pretty much identical. Hori tries to recoup development costs by reusing as much as possible for cross-console work.

Now, as I recall, I RUINED my Hori SS PCB because that thing is very hard to mod! IF you want to use Quick Disconnect, you have to scrap off the black plastic above the contacts for the buttons on the PCB and then figure out a way to solder wiring onto the contact points. Easier said than done!

I just could not solder a solid connection on that PCB to save my life. I ended up selling the casing at a near-loss and threw away the PCB and a good chunk of the stick except for the ball handle, spring, dust cover, stick shift, actuator, stick gimble, and the PCB connector cable which I’m saving for a future multi-console mod. Other than the connector cable, I have plans to sell off the other usable parts (Hori parts are interchangeable with a lot of Sanwa hardware) to whoever wants cheap replacements/extras.

The T5 stick I reckon is a lot easier to mod. So far, I haven’t successfully ruined a Hori T5 PCB and have finished 4 of those mods safely. The newer PCB’s are a lot easier to work with, period. The older Saturn sticks I wasn’t so lucky on modding. I trashed them because I found it impossible to solder to those old contact points on the PCB and my solder just wouldn’t stick to the PCB’s no matter what I did.


that sounds…well, sucky. would Sanwa OBSF-30s fit into those slots if i could find a way to solder them to the PCB or connect them to the wiring harness on it?

EDIT: or are they 28mm like the other guys are implying?


I think the 30mm Sanwas and Seimitsus are around 32-33mm at the top? The part that slips into the faceplate is probably closer to 28mm, though. 28mm does sound right for the slip-in part of the pushbuttons.

The 30mm buttons definitely don’t fit on the old stick faceplates without modding the faceplates a bit, though. I definitely see no reasonable way to fit even 24mm buttons on the faceplate of the old Ascii case I still have since its buttons are 22mm! Just grinding an additional 2mm per hole on that thing is asking for trouble and the clearance on that stick isn’t great to begin with. The holes are they are tightly space together and what complicates the mods on both the Ascii and Hori SS/PS sticks are that the faceplates curve somewhat! On the Hori SS/PS panel I can remember you had the “outer” button casing molded out of the faceplate and that had to be grinded away, too, to fit Sanwa/Seimitsu 30mm buttons, too.

There was another fellow here who bought my Hori case who had already created a Neo Geo stick with another Hori SS casing. His screen name is “Kingbuzzo” and he’s Canadian. You might be able to find him through PM or a thread search. I’m sure that he’d be happy to pass on some tips to you if you ask him nicely.

I don’t envy the mod job on some of these older sticks. I understand people become fond of them and to hold on to them and preserve them with mod jobs but it’s a heck of a lot easier to mod the HRAP-style sticks than a bunch of the older style sticks…

I don’t feel so bad that my Saturn sticks went the way of the dodo. I still managed to preserve some parts I can recoup money on or use for new mods (the connector cables) and there are at least two UPCB’s available or in development here that will allow me to use my modded Hori HRAP’s/T5’s on the Dreamcast and Saturn at any rate. I paid $20 or less apiece for those old SS sticks at any rate (bought them on clearance back in 1997/1998) and they weren’t even half as good as the regular HRAP 2 or 3’s are…back in 1997/1998) and they weren’t even as good as the regular HRAP 3…


Thanks a ton for your help, GeorgeC


If the buttons on your stick are the same as the ones on a Neo hori then yes 30mm Sanwas will fit nice and tight. My Neo Hori has 30mm Sanwas in it. I didn’t upgrade the stick, all I did to mine was modify the stock square gate into an octo-gate.