Old player coming back again, which characters are easy to learn?

Hi, I’m Stovvadz :slight_smile:

I used to play a lot of SSF4:AE but sorta abandoned the game when the Xbox One came around and when my controller broke since I had no way to play until I bought a new one, I used to be a Sakura main and I was atrocious at footsies, but I could still manage to win a fair amount of my matches. I have yet to play USF4 and I was just wondering which characters are easy to learn? I don’t remember much with Sakura but I mean I could probably pick her back up but I was thinking of trying a new main out. Any helpful tips to get me off the ground again are very appreciated :smiley:

Play who you like, no character is going to be easier than who you really want to play. Try out everyone you think looks fun and see what sticks.

I was playing a little bit of ken/evil ryu mainly because I was watching Momoshi at evo and they just seem like fun characters haha, and I always liked how Evil Ryu looked and played.

I am inspired to play Rolento after seeing Nemo use him.

I always say Ryu but that’s not entirely true.
Cody has an amazingly nice learning curve, where you can start off with easy combos and build on that by learning hard and more rewarding stuff.

I wish more characters in SF4 would function like Cody in that regard. Most are all or nothing type of deals.