Old players hurting SF?

Now, from what I understand, hearsay and such, there was The Past. I’ve even gathered things occurred in it, events that in all probability were different from the events happening now. Turns out there were other fighting games before Street Fighter 4, even different ones in the series! Scariest of all, however, entities living in The Past have survived to our present times, baffled and discombobulated by the timeline moving on. I propose an Adopt-a-Oldschooler program, where courteous and caring '09ers can help ease the passage of Oldschoolers into our shining new millennium, Ultras and all.

So have some compassion, reach out a hand, and help them ease their rickety walkers out of the arcade and into our hearts.

All of you are hurting it.


sf lives to be abused

damn, did '09 never end or what?

I guess not, but man, I love your avatar.

Its worst man, its 2010. Closer to 2012 end of the world so these must be signs of it…

lol not bad, not bad

lol I like this trend.

Old martial artist hurting martial arts?
Old race car drivers hurting car racing?
Old School SRK’ers hurting 2010?

butt hurt

sorry for hurting yall
old man Guile is too much for the whippersnappers
shakes cane in a threatening fashion

People that don’t what SF is hurting SF?

DEZ NUTZ hurting SF?

San Fransisco hurting SF?

This was actually done pretty well. Give this particular 09er his props. :tup:

your never to old to hurt SF

My Xbox hurts Street Fighter. Scratched my disk to high hell, it did.

Nor have avs with great boobies.


Old wine hurting new wine.

I don’t think most old-skoolers want to be helped. We would have had SFIV five or six years ago if the idea wasn’t shat on by the people who still like 2D graphics.

The new age is anime fighters