Old results + pics Shinjuku Sportsland

I just found this by accident dunno if anyone knew about it:

Is has results and pics from tourny’s and ranbats in Sportsland from 1997-2004 in all sorts of fighting games.
For me the most interesting part are the 3s results.
For example you can see players like Mester, Boss, Daigo, KO, Match always placing high even in 99!
some examples:
from a tourny in 2000:
With Boss, KO, Match, nuki, OTB, Nigykyuu en Mester

Or this one in 1999:
Mester and Match 1st place and Xiao & Nigyukyuu 2nd place

Thought I share this with ya’ll…

look at this fukken corpse on the left

holy crap if im not mistaken

this tournament has a team consisting of DAIGO AND KURODA?!??!?!?


im positive theyre the 6th team there

SOO crazy that a team like that can lose too

EDIT: other craziness


Kuroda and Daigo on teams again play vs Boss and KO’s team (Boss/yun and KO/makoto)

KO and Boss’ team beats them :wow:

ochibi san!! :clapdos:

Cool stuff!

Team Kuroda/Aruka/Dirty/RX/??? (special supporter: Kochun)
Team Raoh/Eyepatch Boss/Mester/Nitto/Daigo

Lol at Kuroda’s comment: “Was a good team”

Koshun was a gangsta back in the day also.

About as G as you can get.

I only wish our scenes were as hype as this. People say get hype over SF4, but even the levels of hype that we see now for SF4 are nothing compared to what we see in some of these pix. That is a lot of people crammed into an arcade. Japan rules.

Fixed :tup:

My bad LOL. But seriously I wish we had crowds like this on the 3S machine at SVGL instead of on the SF4 machine.