Old School Fool AKA Mr. GAME AND WATCH!

aka I’ll bust yo head with a frying pan and pour hot bacon grease in your eyes.:amazed:

I didn’t a thread about him? I’m surprised since he rocks!:woot:

standing A:the penis pump of doom,comes out fast and racks up damage.

**standing B:**MrGame will bust out a frying pan and throw pork at his foes. Not only is this dangerous to his opponents life bar but also there cholesterol levels.

Final Smash aka Omega Destroyer aka tentacle rape: mash on A and B to make the tentacles extend out for extra range.

Use default color of GW on darker stages(75m,Supermario underground) since he blends in so well. Your friend can’t see him! Mind games! Be sure not to confuse yourself in the process however.

got any thing to add folks?:wonder:

The original G&W thread:


oh snap i looked around also…

mod delete thread! :china: