Old School Life Long Fan help?


Hey all,

I’m 35 this year and find i’m worse than ever at Street Fighter. I grew up with SF2/C/T/S/ST and the Alpha series in the Arcades. And then moved states and was introduced to SFIII via Double Impact, and then Third Strike.

I was doing OK with SF4 when it came out, bought a 360 just for SF4 (which ebGames promptly sold the morning of release, because i didn’t answer my phone at 10am so I got it from Target), then went to PC when Steam AE came out.

But these days with SFV, its like I get nervous and tap buttons a lot because for some reason even with practicing timing like i used to do i can’t confidently pull off combos… :’(

EDIT: But SF2/Alpha/III i don’t seem to have this trouble on FightCade.

Anyone else like this or have any help for me?

Thanks so much.



Sounds like youre getting old, man


just an old man losing his touch, return the game and start saving for a decent retirement home


LMAO you guys are mean!

Honestly @Vykyan It’s just day 1 jitters. Fighting people online and being away for so long has probably got you nervous as fuck.

I was like that for the first few months I played the game. Just take it easy and enjoy the road to gettin’ gud. You’ll overcome it eventually.


I’m almost the same age as you and have been playing since Fighting Street in the arcades and on Turbo Grafx. I’m definitely not as good as i was a kid.

When I had to catch a ride to the arcade and only $20 worth of tokens, I was a different animal. I just felt like i HAD TO learn and i HAD TO win.

But now im just careless when i play and have no patience lol. Console gaming enabled bad habits for me and gives me the luxury of being yolo, so i tend to take that too far. SF4 and SFV also don’t feel like the older games.


You need to calm down and play more and realize it’s just a game. If you can hit combos in training mode but can’t hit them in combos that’s all a problem in your head. This game (like most sports) it’s mostly mental more than physical. It’s easy to learn a combo in a day. But doing it in a high pressure situation is a whole nother thing. Just play a lot of casual matches online and battle lounge until you start naturally nailing your combos in match. Then move over to ranked. Relax.