Old School Multi-Player Beat 'em Up Fighters


So I just picked up Capcom’s 1994 version of Aliens vs Predator…


And came across some combo videos & it reminded me how fun this game was…


So I picked up the 1992 4-6 player X-Men by Konami and 1989 TNMNT & was just thinking how great those scrollers used to be… I remembered everyone huddled around the arcade cabinets back in the day just like the line of people at 7-11 waiting to play Street Fighter.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone else in here enjoyed titles like these and has any favorites or recommendations they would like to mention…


I have all of these plus tons more on a modded cab my uncle built. I beat Final Fight yesterday with my girl friend and we’ve beat X men and AvP about 5 times each =D

Also, Punisher and Nick Fury beat em is amazing. I play that more than any of them.


awesome, do you have a pic of your cab?


avp is such a raw game. they need to release all of those capcom ones like dnd for xbox ps3


anybody remember Sengoku? the Cowboy/samurai side-scroller. What about Zombie’s Revenge? I came so close to beating that one


Captain America and The AVEEEEEENGERS!



I don’t have any pics right now, it’s an old shooter game’s cab called P 47 with everything gutted out and a computer and a monitor put in with a new X Arcade double joy stick mounted. My Uncle said he got the cab for under $50 on craigslist because the game didn’t work. It runs a mame system that has over 450 games. I’m trying to get more in there but the computer is too old to run alot of the newer mame systems or Demul so I can’t get any Dreamcast games on there :sad:


I have that on the cab too, the giant red skull boss is awesome!


I played the shit out of Zero Team USA when it was at Quarters years ago.


Dude, that X-Men game was sick. I remember playing that back in the day at Funplex (Seattle heads will agree, that place was THE shit) with like 5 others, good shit.


Cool, just wanted to get an idea of how your setup was…

Those 4 player cabs were so much fun… They don’t make them like they used to. I think I might be making my own custom 4 player cab, but with jap sticks.


That the X-Men game that had 2 monitors? That game was fun aas all get out.

Live has TMNT on Arcade.


was the captain america game where you could be namor and hawk eye? that shit was siiiiiiiick so was the xmen game, avp, tmnt, and punisher.

i used to like m.e.r.c. and i swear after that game came out everybody started sayin you’ll get merc’d.

i also liked sunset riders


Six-player X-Men was awesome. Too bad when it first came out, all the good characters were taken and I was always stuck with Dazzler on the 6P side, and you couldn’t even see the freakin’ screen because Dazzler was all the way on the end. hahah


I have played through AvP so many times. I remember going to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters and mashing like a motherfucker. Later, i rented the SNES version thinking it was a port, but it turned out to be something completely different. It was alright, not too shitty. Then I found out about roms, and I beat it another 80 times or so. Then I tried getting the cps2 board, and the prices were hella high. The game is legendary.


So my second date with my girl friend was her coming over my place at 1am and us playing beat em ups on the cab until 10am. :lovin:


That’s awesome. My wife plays Street Fighter with me sometimes, but we have yet to that.


Best one… King arthur and the knights of the round


Lots of great games mentioned here, but I think everyone forgot the REAL best Beat em’ up EVER: Guardian Heroes.


The best was altered beast