Old School Multi-Player Beat 'em Up Fighters


So my second date with my girl friend was her coming over my place at 1am and us playing beat em ups on the cab until 10am. :lovin:


That’s awesome. My wife plays Street Fighter with me sometimes, but we have yet to that.


Best one… King arthur and the knights of the round


Lots of great games mentioned here, but I think everyone forgot the REAL best Beat em’ up EVER: Guardian Heroes.


The best was altered beast


yea the punisher is by far my favorite beat em up


That would have been sweet to see street fighter as a side scroller beat em up. imagine how insane co op would be… combos would be more redic than AvP… I’m diggin Punisher, thanks for the suggestion


OMFG, good timing for this thread given this news. This was one of my favorites alongside Golden Axe and Simpsons Arcade.


man, simpsons had team attacks which was raw. the one predator had a shoryuken. nick fury and punisher was a fun game too. xmen was too dope with 6 players. dungeons and dragons i beat at funplex with my homies in 5th grade with a roll of quarters. i had the damn cleric. i loved golden axe where you beat the shit outta the gnomes and jack thier shit. oh N.A.R.C. was tight too.


I simply can’t believe nobody mentioned Streets of Rage 2. I’ll be playing that game until the day I die. Period. Here’s my list of raw beat em ups.

Streets of Rage 2
X-Men Arcade of course
TMNT Arcade
Ninja Gaiden Arcade
Spiderman Arcade (with Spiderman, Namor, Black Cat, and Hawkeye. I remember the Funplex being the ONLY place that had this game)
Punisher Arcade

I’ll probably think of more later.


sunset riders, river city ransom, and cadillacs and dinosaurs were my favorite.

when i get off of work, i’m totally playing final fight 3 on my snes when i get home.


That turtle van vid is so fresh haha


Does anyone have Killer Instinct 1 & 2 here? 4 Player G.I. Joe was fun too


is that AVP game on xbox live yet? D:


I have KI Gold back in my parents house in Miami for N64. Good times.


I beat that some so many times for some reason :rolf:

Side scrolling games were always amazing for the mindless fun they were filled with. I have to say the toughest side scroller I played was Strider, I can’t beat that game even with infinite quarters.

Slcs14, I have Killer Instinct 1 & 2 on my cab aswell. When I get home I’ll check what Mame version I have and I’ll let you all know.


Very much appreciated


I have MAME32 0.72

ver. 0.127 supposedly has Fist of the North Star along with some other 2D dreamcast games. I can’t seem to get ver.0.127 to work tho so I’ll just stick with 0.72


Thank you, i couldnt get KI to work on my current verion. I’ve been playing Punisher… love it


I actually stream those games specifically live and archived on Twitch now. I have a whole list of like 50 that I pick from! Let me know if there’s any other’s you’d like to see and I’ll get them running. Just look up ThehappyfrogUS